This week I had my last zone conference, in which I gave my departing testimony; that was……….hard, extremely hard. I love this mission and it is frightening that I only have 6 weeks left……but “sunrise doesn’t last all morning, a cloudburst doesn’t last all day (…) All things must pass away.”

thumbnail_dsc_9448I suppose a great many other things happened this week which I could write about but it was all swallowed up with what I saw on my freezing rooftop last night at 22:00.  For the first time in my life,  I saw aurora borrelias in her fullness.  It was honestly, the second most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life….very few times in life has anything taken my breath away quite like the Northern lights. It was not even the brightest or most spectacular performance by them….. if anything, they were but giving a early season “sneek peak”, but still, they made my heart stop. They rippled through the night sky like fabric. It gave me the overwhelming spiritual impression that God loves me. Nothing has ever spoken to me so boldly to communicate that fact. God loves me. He manifested his love to me last night with a natural phenomenon of dancing emerald green in the sky. It felt so personal……so sacred….

This world and all the natural wonders in it are a manifestation of his love.  Up on that rooftop, bathed by the glow of the Northern lights, possibly singing some Pocahontas lyrics…. I really felt God’s overwhelming love for us. Maybe you may not have the breathtaking Northern lights in your night sky……….but you certainly have stars to look upon…..and I invite you to look deep into their vastness and just ponder upon God’s love for you. All those twinkling lanterns of distant fiery are set in their place so that we might be, and we are so that we might have joy. God loves us. I know He does. The Northern Lights told me so.


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