Strep Throat and Swedes

imageThe last few weeks of the mission have been interesting. First off, our car is still in the repair shop. First it was that the starter that was broken…..but after they repaired that it turns out that there more problems… the car is still in the shop, leaving us rendered useless with loads of investigators we cannot visit. And then, I’ve been sick for the past two weeks (strep throat) and that really brought me down to the dust because I cannot stand a day of not doing missionary work….. especially with so few days of the mission left.


It would’ve been very easy with our circumstances to ask the question “why would God cut us down and prevent all of this work from going forth when it is going so well here?” But if the mission has taught me anything it is that the Lord always has a plan far better than we can conceive with our mere mortal eyes.

My sad state every time I see a ski resort.


After a few not so lovely bedridden days I was able to venture out to do some light missionary work….(still sick, but couldn’t stand laying in bed all day)
We started started straight from square one and began knocking on doors in a very posh, entirely Swedish, wealth beach town just south of Sundsvall. Literally the last place you’d ever expect to find any investigators……but it felt so very right to travel out there and knock on the picture perfect IKEA mansions…. and now, from that wee paradisaical community we are teaching four 100% Swedish individuals including a shockingly prepared engaged couple.
They are jaw dropping perfect. When we knocked on their door we said words we never said at anyone’s doorstep every before, completely guided by the spirit and were shocked when they told us to step in and teach them. They just seemed so…..idealistic swedish, that I never could imagine, in all my mortal judgement, that they would ever be possibly interested…. but now they are on the third lesson, agree with what we teach them and have become our very good friends. (helps when they are the same age as you. They’re both 20)

It life went how I wanted it to go we would’ve never ever found them.
So keep this wee little story in mind if ever your car breaks down and you get terribly sick……or something of that nature. It could very well just be God directing you to the right place.
much love,
Äldste Scott



One thought on “Strep Throat and Swedes

  1. Glad you are feeling better ..physically and spiritually! Amazing how things work out even when we logically know they definitely can’t possibly ever in a billion yrs worth out….and then that tender mercy of the Lord that let’s you know He knows you’re there!! Awesome!


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