Lessons from Car Troubles


Sounds like an exhausting week back home and an exhausting one to come!

It’s been an interesting week. Our car broke down on the way to a lesson and is in the shop and may be dead because of past elders’ neglect……which wouldn’t be too bad if we were zone leaders who do not use the car as often…….but we actually do.. we have 31 positive investigators who NEED us and live from 45 minutes to 2 hours away by car with zero means to get to most of them. but, I found the whole situation to be a great way to learn someone’s personality fast. It was interesting to analyse the different reactions when the car stopped. (all four of the elders were in the car) Elder 1 was laughing and maintaining optimism, Elder 2 silently kind of spaced out and avoided responsibility, and Elder 3 fumed. Elder 1 has matured a great deal .so we were able to handle the situation calmly and rationally and make the arrangements for a member to tow us to the shop.

The rest of the week, as a result, was a test of faith. My heart was hurt just thinking of all the people we can’t visit, and we had to start biking 20 km minimum a day to get to our closest investigators……..but I’m thankful for the experience. It will help me handle life’s dramas in the future. When a car breaks down, tempers and and murmurings accomplish nothing.



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