A Quick Letter from Norrland:

This will be a short letter, but hej på er! I’m in the Norrland wonderland of Sundsvall where the sun is always high in the sky and the nights never get dark and the terrain actually provides mountains and the blue baltic sea is around every corner and the mosquitoes are so many that they pick you up and drop you in the Baltic.

Seriously, I cannot write out my love for this nature. I can see ski lifts from my study desk window. I love it. This is Sweden. All that stuff down south was Northern Europe. Now I’m in real rugged Sweden, where the trees grow tall, where hills are many and the air smells like adventure.

The branch (which is a small congregation)  is my dream branch. I hope I stay here till the end of my mission for I already know this is the best branch I’ve had yet.  We have a great youth programme (that goes out contacting with the missionaries) and the never darkening Norrland summer nights are filled with trampoline games with the children and barbecues and echoes across the thousands of lakes.

Just a stock photo of Sundsvall as Erik did not send photos this week…
We have a car, and it is absolutely terrifying to start driving after 20 months of not driving………but having a car is very nice. We can drive out to refugee camps in the middle of no where to teach the most wonderful investigators, just swaddled in Swedish nature. The camps are eerie. They are tucked away, miles from anyone, in silent paradise, with a spirit of heartbreak and despair looming over them….. but every time we visit, our investigators just light up to hear the gospel.

It is such a gift to be able to teach about the healing power of the atonement to those who have lost everything.  Jesus Christ lives, and through us he is reaching out to heal his precious sheep.  I don’t like thinking that I only have four more months of this.

I love this work. I love this gospel. I love the love Christ has for these people and I love that I am so blessed to give it to them through the message of the restored Gospel. Norrland has stolen my heart and probably will never give it back.

Much love

Äldste Erik Scott


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