A Truly Short Letter

borlange 1First and foremost; one standard truth about missionary work; The key indicator numbers do not match up with the quality of work in an area. There have been times on my mission where my numbers were much lower than they are now but the quality of the work was far greater. Essentially you achieve high numbers when you do not have anything of real value to do, because you spend the entirety of your time out on the streets trying to find people. That is how it has been. You make the mission leaders happy but you feel empty inside because you aren’t really making a difference in anyone’s life. That lesson was evident this week. Numbers are hollow. They are not enough to drive a mission. They are not enough to keep me going. I need more. So much more than numbers. For REAL missionary work is not seen in numbers to be written or trophies to be held, but in the lives you help change and the heart you pour out. I’d rather be but a grain of difference in one person’s life than contact and teach a thousand street lessons for people who would really appreciate it if I stop talking and let them go on with their tranquil apartment to work back to apartment lives. borlange 4

But all that should change. The snow has melted, and there are rumours of Aslan in the east. Narnia is going to be freed from the Witch’s spell and with it we will find the prepared.
In the mean time there really is not much to report apart from we are working hard, hoping hard, and falling in love with the spirit that is alive in the scenery of Dalarna.
This is probably my shortest letter but it is a letter nonetheless and proof that I am alive and well and in good health and happy.
Much love and peace and peace and love,
Elder Scott
borlange 7borlange 5borlange 6

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