Lessons from the street

IMG_1657This week started with an escape for the crazy, wild, busy world by running off to the beautiful archipelago just outside of the city. It was the perfect stress relief, as natural beauty always is. The ferry ride and hiking among the rocks needed to be soundtracked by Jose Gonzalez, which would’ve fit most perfectly seeing as he is a native to Göteborg. After the fresh breath of lovely Sweden, the sort of Sweden you see in coffee table books, we returned to missionary life to find that we were called on a special mission; to set up a brand new apartment from scratch. So three days of proselyting were spent entirely on creating a most fine apartment….my pride and joy which I pledge to keep spotlessly clean for the whole week that I probably stay in it until I transfer again.

IMG_1653The remainder of the week was mostly out on the streets talking to lovely people seeing as we have experienced a hard blow of investigators fading away for one heartbreaking reason or another. With all the time talking to people on the street, I started pondering on why so many will deny God and declare that the Book of Mormon is false but absolutely decline reading it to see for themselves. I suppose it is quite simply that it is much easier to deny something in ignorance. If furthering knowledge is offered, they do not want to make the changes required if the book may in fact be true.IMG_1659

You see, there is a certain power in ignorance. One man can lead many men to do the most monstrous of deeds with the cunning trick of ignorance. This principle has been applied time and time again through the bloody history of humanity. Ignorance hides sins from our own eyes. Often we can even knowledgeably choose to remain ignorant, knowing in ignorance we can do what moral awareness would disallow our conscience to do. Choosing what is morally right rarely is the most desirable action in the thick of it. The adversary has a habit of writing up a long list of all the benefits of the world we would be sacrificing for helping others- all the comforts we may lose. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Quality charity involves sacrifice.IMG_1662

Many say the Book of Mormon is a false book of rubbish, but have never bothered to actually read it for themselves- for ignorance is a safety they can hide behind. It is far easier to deny truth when you ensure that you never learn it. and so humanity keeps pressing on, choosing not to read the Book of Mormon so they will never have to bother deciding whether it is true or not, choosing not to learn about the world’s sufferings so they can continue ignoring them in peaceful decadence, choosing not to know the personal lives and hearts of the poor and inflicted so they can continue turning them away. IMG_1658

On a lighter note,  we are teaching a professional golfer now. Oscar Floren. Google him. He played against BYU golfers when he was in University in the US so was interested in learning about our church when we contacted him on the street. We’ve been teaching him this week and he just a wonderful, down to earth, humble guy, despite being a European champion golfer.



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