A Rather Short Letter (but lots of photos)

IMG_2252I am awfully afraid. You see, transfer calls come out this upcoming Saturday and never before have I wanted so very much to stay exactly where I am. I dread the prospect of possibly having to transfer from Göteborg. In the past 12 weeks, this city has become a piece of my soul.  I am in love with the people of this city, the loving members of this ward, every beautiful old building and park and cafe and spårvagn and just all of it. I have a wonderful companion. We have the perfect balance of fun and hard work, making the work enjoyable and productive. We found so many new wonderful investigators who I love and do not want to leave.

Haga- old town Gothenburg

This Sunday at church, there were a total of eight investigators in our ward. It was craziness juggling all of them; a good type of craziness. The work here is just so fantastic. It’s hard…heartbreaking at times, but at the end of the day, absolutely unforgettable.

IMG_2260Snow has blanketed this city, making it look just like Christmas even though Christmas is past and we did not even have snow on Christmas. Göteborg looks most ravishing in the snow, making it all the more harder to leave. So, let us hope with all the hope in me that I can stay. The rest of Sweden is wonderful and all that, but Göteborg is where my heart will always be.

Much love,
Äldste Scott

Photos from the week:

O Holy Night
Top of a hill
That bulging river


Photos and a story from people met on the streets of Gothenburg:


A 14 year old refugee:

My Father was head of police in our town in Afghanistan. Very good smart man. He also was a doctor. I could not go outside without two bodyguards. Then the Taliban put a bomb in our house and we ran. I lost my family. We were a very happy family. My father never shouted and he loved all of us. In Turkey I was alone so I got on a boat over to Greece…then Greece said the boat could not land so I jumped over and swam. I could not see the shore when I started swimming but after an hour I swam to the shore. They sent me here to Sweden. They won’t let me leave because I am only fourteen. I have a brother in Dubai who wants to have me live with him. I’d like that. He is my family. I’m going to learn Swedish every day and then become a doctor like my father and help people like my father did.”


“I’m going to be an actor, like Marlon Brando. He’s my hero. I want to be the next Marlon Brando.


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