Christmas time in Sweden

As is the Oregon tradition, we cut ourselves our own tree. IMG_0838As is the Oregon tradition, we cut ourselves our own tree.

Christmas time is finally here, and no one celebrates Christmas like the swedes. Probably that is on account to the fact that it is so dark  here in the winter that they need something to hold onto. The sun is setting at 3:30 here and I’m only in the southern half of Sweden. The missionaries in Luleå have the sun rise after 10:00and set before 1:00…. And it’s just the end of November. I’m very excited for my first, and only, unfortunately, Christmas in Sweden. But more on that when Christmas is closer….

So Michael got baptised! It was a very spiritually packed service. We had a lot of YSA (18-30 year olds) help teach him and they were all there to support and he loved that. It certainly wasn’t your typical standard baptismal service with brownies, milk and doilies. I believe we had about 25 people there (typ) and the senior missionary couple, the bishop and the ward mission leader where the only adults over the age of 30 present. What was really special was we were able to have David, whose papers are in to serve a mission himself, baptise Michael. At the end of the service Michael bore his testimony and it all was just wonderful.
. Michael’s Baptism. All those in the photo helped teach Michael with us. It was a team. As it should always be. IMG_0837 Michael’s Baptism. All those in the photo helped teach Michael with us. It was a team. As it should always be.


Also, this week was Thanksgiving and we had two Thanksgiving dinners. First the Hawleys, the senior couple here, made a wonderful feast for the missionaries of Göteborg and then on Saturday all the American members in the Göteborg area, and all their American non-member friends, which actually totaled out to 50 people, had a huge Thanksgiving dinner with every Thanksgiving dish you could imagine. Needless to say my goal to lose the weight I gained from all the member meals in Västerhaninge was stalled for a week….which is all fine because Thanksgiving is for stuffing your face. And for being Thankful. This year I was particularly thankful for my family. My Mum and Dad and sisters and brother, for their love and examples for me.


Now that Michael is baptised, we are pretty short on investigators to teach. We must therefore embark on a serious finding phase of our work. We have a metropolis city with thousands of people in our area, so statistically we ought to have loads of people to teach. This upcoming week is the last of the transfer and Äldste Adams is most likely transferring. (though then again, I spent six months in my first area myself) In way of other news, my son (that is elder Jensen, the missionary I trained) is having a son. (will be training a new missionary)

Some weeks I have a lot to say but I suppose this isn’t that sort of week.

The church released the new Christmas video yesterday, so you all should watch it! I love the African boy’s delivery. I would love to see him in a Shakespeare play.
Have a lovely Christmas time! makes sure to add some colour into the gray landscape with the gospel of Jesus Christ!
much love,

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