Loving Göteborg!


Working in a city is a very different experience than my last two areas I served. I am very blessed that the city I have been given is Göteborg, where nature and civilization are married together beautifully giving me always green forest to see…. Otherwise, I’d go insane.

IMG_0606How does one describe city work as a missionary? In contrast to the sheep shearing, tractor driving, long bus riding Karlstad rural work, you could say I am serving an entirely different mission. On the city streets, your life becomes the people. Everything is people. This city is built out of people. There are always people streaming past you, running to work, living lives, curled up in the rain. It can be overwhelming just thinking of how many people there are stuffed in this lovely city. How many of those people are lonely, are heartbroken, are shattered, are lost, hidden among the millions that I pass every day. How can I sufficiently reach them? I can’t reach all of them….but I need to reach as many as I can.

Because  Brother Ray Summers wondered about my area size, as he served here several years ago…we have the whole metro area. Utby elders have the northern part, which is more suburbs and projects. We get the inner city. It is like if we were in Portland, we would have all of downtown and the other elders would start in Parkrose and go eastward.

IMG_0607One thing I failed to mention last week; I am a YSA (young single adult) missionary, which means I’m over all the YSA in the Göteborg stake (so technically my area boundaries are even bigger with all the YSA I am supposed to work with….including Karlstad) and this is literally my favorite missionary position ever. I don’t give a rat’s boot about going AP, I just want to be a YSA missionary forever. We help organize YSA events, participate in YSA family home evening, Institute (taught by Louie Herrey from the Eurovision winning Swedish pop band, The Herreys…fun fatc. Here’s their hit song : t) visit YSA members to strengthen them and the best part of all, we use the YSA for our teaching. We have the YSA centre in the heart of hipster Göteborg (Vasagatan, it is where all the university students hang out in cafes and do poetry slams with nose piercings and 2nd hand 1960’s fashion) where we teach 90% of our lesson and have a lovely handful of soon to be missionaries who we take out with us. This is the best responsibility a missionary could have.
IMG_7743[1]We had one of our investigators who will be baptized very soon be snatched away from us (turns out he does not live in our area….whoops) but we can’t sit and mope for there are plenty of more people we are teaching. I wish I could say more but have run out of time. One of the best things from the week though: I got letters from the primary of my home ward and that was the so wonderful. I loved them!  Nothing can cheer up a missionary better. Thank you!
Elder Scott
His companion, Aldste Adams

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