Autumn Comes to Sweden

IMG_0219The world has turned golden and copper, the sun has shown itself less and less and the mornings are now below zero. It is a wonderful, beautiful world we have here, and I’m just so happy I can be alive in it. The best times of the year are the turning of summer into winter and the turning of winter into summer; the death and resurrection.

This week quite an interesting occurrence took place. As we were teaching Vera with the help of our buddy ol’ pal Jeffery, who is preparing to serve a mission himself, Vera’s husband, Joseph, came home late from work. He works in construction and a hammer had hit him square in the eye and his eyeball was filled with blood, rendering him blind.We gave him a priesthood blessing and then Jeffery rushed him off to the hospital. One of the most interesting conclusions to a member present lesson…. When Joseph got to the hospital he was miraclously given immediate attention and he has healed faster than the doctors predicted.

IMG_0222Joseph and Vera are two wonderful people of great faith and it is a blessing that I have met them. They have started praying together as a family and reading the scriptures together. It is a very special opportunity to teach a family. There is a love a family holds that nothing else can compare with. My sincerest hope is to one day have my own family with the love Joseph and Vera’s has, and that my parents raised me with. There is beauty all around when there’s love at home.
As my mission progresses, I find in my weekly letters I am writing less about what I did that week (like my novel sized letters from my first few months) and far more simply about what I feel. I feel happy, at peace, strengthened when I ought to be tired, and content when I ought to be upset. Being a missionary comes with very good feelings; bad ones too, like discouragment and exhaustion, but those are mere minor details compared to the joy and happiness this gospel brings me as a missionary.
Above all, I hope this mission can help me increase in my love for others and in the process help me increase in serving others. That is one thing I want to improve upon so much more, and where better than out on the mission field. I love you all and wish you a beautiful autumn full of crisp colourful days and cozy harvest soups. Here in Sweden, they don’t really celebrate Halloween, (which is all good because USA does not celebrate Midsommers and Valborg, making us the lame ones) but Västerhaninge is a very American ward (We have quite a few American young families) so I’m in the one place in this country where we will actually have a proper ward Halloween party. Anyhow….
 Peace and Love, Peace and Love, (in the voice of Ringo Star)
Äldste Erik Anderson Scott

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