General Conference in Sweden

IMG_0119So first of, General Conference happened. General Conference is this fantastic event that happens twice a year where our church’s prophet, apostles and others speak to us from Salt Lake. All of the members in Västerhaninge gather together at the weird hours that the conference is live on the other side of the world and sit like little children waiting in line for a Harry Potter premiere. We have plenty of homemade tacos for everyone and it is the greatest of experiences.

This conference we got three new apostles including Elder Renlund (Scandinavian members will be the only people who will ever pronounce his name right) who served his mission right here in beautiful SWEDEN! and his parents are Finish and Swedish. I especially loved Elder Utchdorf’s talk in the Saturday Morning session about overcomplicating discipleship. The gospel is quite simple really. He taught that what really matters is 1. Uplifting our fellowman and 2. Building the Kingdom of God. The gospel is this: Because we love God we have a desire to help other people. Because we have a desire to help other people we have a desire to learn more in the gospel to be able to help them better. FAITH. HOPE. CHARITY. That is what the gospel is.

I also especially Holland’s talk. That is his second talk on mothers. I’ve listened to every talk he has ever given since I’ve been out. (I love you MUM!!!! ). Also,  Elder Stevenson is the first ever apostle that snowboards; fun fact.
So, this week we have been wonderfully wrapped up in the work of preparing our three Ghanan friends for baptism. It takes no small amount of time, but it is so rewarding. I just love them. Unfortunately, Joseph and Vera had to move out of their apartment and are currently staying at a member’s apartment but we pray they will find a new place soon. Jospeh is working tirelessly every day to provide for his family.
Tough things of course came our way, several of them in a nice neat little line, like I set up a free slapping booth or something. But, I am much happier and stronger than before and they are but small things compared to the wonderful blessings of this gospel. You should really try it out some time. It makes you happier than anything else on this earth.
Sorry this letter is awfully short but know that I love you all very much and hope you can all feel the Lord’s hand in your life. Trust me, it is there.
Äldste Scott

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