Holding onto the Fleeting Days of Summer‏

IMG_2096The sun is setting earlier and earlier, and this week was probably the last burst of warmth I’ll have for the next 6 to 7 months. Oh Sweden, you are just so beautiful. Nothing can compare with a late summer evening, with the sun through the trees as you pick blueberries and mushrooms… but I am also pumped for these forests to be filled up with riktig Narnia snow.  It’s time to put on the sweaters! I have 6 more weeks here in Provo, Sweden and sincerely hope not to waste a single minute of it.

IMG_2097We are in the awkward middle ground where many of our investigators have fallen in doldrums, leaving us with low hanging shoulders and a very open schdule where we have found a lot of new investigators who we are just starting to work with. It is sort of like getting off a bike in third gear and then getting back on it again….the first few pedals are slow and hard before you gain momentum. So we’ve got a few more friends this weeks. John John is a Swedish young man that is a personal trainer. He is the sort of guy with the perfect apartment, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect body, the perfect life, and yet, with all of these gifts of the world he feels like he is missing something. He wants to know his purpose. BOOM! right in the very minute he was pondering the meaning of life and whether there is a God, we knocked on his door. Now we are meeting every Wednesday!

IMG_2098We are also now teaching a new Ertiean man, A Somlain lady and a Nigerian. Oh how I just love Africa. The people of every country are all very very different and yet are united in their ability to love others. Of course not everyone is the same, but there is a special spirit there.

IMG_2095The best thing about the mission is it just teaches you how to love people. I loved people before, but now I do so much more. People really are the best invention. They are absolutely brilliant. You should trying getting to know one some day. It doesn’t matter which person you chose, they all are worth getting to know. You find as a missionary that when you are genuinely interested in someone, and show it, it is very hard for them to not like you. If you just throw the gospel in their face and just preach “we have this, this and this” you will have very little work to do throughout the week…but when you first take the time to show interest, show you care, about the person as their own individual, unique selves, they will grow to like you and in turn be a little more interested in what you have to say about the Gospel.

I love this work.
I don’t want to stop doing it. Ever.
Love you all to smithereens,

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