The Winter Wind is Coming In…

IMG_2074First off, JÄTTE TUSEN TACK for Crown Point Ward back home for sending the wonderful package with all sorts of wonderful things and wonderful letters. Thank you, everyone! You’re the best ward your side of the Atlantic.

The summer is wilting away up here in the far North. The winter wind is coming in and I’m already missing the summer. Stockholm is cold, but I’ve been told I was born to endure this kind of weather….as the song goes. I’m actually excited for the winter.IMG_2076
Anyhow…..So this week, golly gee, was it crazy. Remember how last week was not the jazziest? Well, one crazy thing after another happened this week and by the end we found ourselves with three new solid investigators, a handful of positive potential investigators and just a whole bunch of fantastic miracles I can’t even properly count. Yeah, the week began jätte dolig just like the conclusion of the week before but then we did the whole “put your shoulder to the wheel” thing and the wagon started moving again, and old ma Eliza’s rocking chair wasn’t even cast by the wayside. (but grandpa Erasmus contracted smallpox and we had to bury him on the frozen plains of Iowa using only a teaspoon….and Jebadiah was carried off by Indians and we sawed off little Wilford’s leg just because it felt like we ought to since every family on this trail is sawing off their childrens’ legs for one reason or another….Wilford’s leg was perfectly fine of course, but hey, it made a good journal entry to be read over the pulpit at General Conference 170 or so years from now…you know….. such is pioneer life.)
At the dawn of the week we went to Södermalm, which is essentially the Hawthorne district (area of Portland, OR)  of Sweden and I never felt more at home and then had Zone Conference where there was six of us Oregonians hippying out there. I scored lucky in having three Oregonians sleep the night at our place the night before.The Northwest just is the best. They currently have two Oregonians in my old area Karlstad and they are doing wonderful things there. Two people I worked with in Karlstad will be baptized in the next couple weeks. They’ll be putting four elders there soon.
From Zone conference on, crazy good stuff started to happen. We had a lot of open space on our planners so we spent a lot of time exploring. We were impressed to get on a random tåg going in the completely wrong direction late in the evening and I sat next to a Nigerian man who just came to Sweden this week and is now a new investigator. He says his father is a member of our church back in Nigeria. We felt impressed to knock on a random set of apartments hidden away and found ourselves knocking on a member’s door who was at that very moment contemplating some key testimony questions and we happened to be there with an answer. We felt impressed to turn down a random street going nowhere in particular and found a lady who wants us to teach her and her three friends and was overjoyed to hear the message of the restoration. There were also miracles that came when we did not even feel like we were particularly following the spirit to any Liahona degree. People just fell in our path. We just were walking out of the church and a woman was waiting outside to see if maybe there were free tours of the church. It is important for me to remember these sort of weeks when the bad ones come. So note to self, and to everyone else, when hard weeks roll over you, blessings are ALWAYS waiting around the corner.
I just love this gospel. Nothing else can fully heal a broken heart, a broken home, a broken life, than the atonement of Jesus Christ. he is the only way, and when you serve Him, through serving and loving your fellow man, you can feel a light that no other source can imitate. There is a light that never goes out.
So, go make someone smile this week, and feel that light for yourself. Let’s all be kindness addicts. Lets get hooked to loving others like Christ. That is one addiction I approve of.
Love you all to bits and pieces,

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