Serving in “The Land of Goats” – (A few days in Gotland)

IMG_2413[1]SO… this week… Words cannot describe, photos cannot capture, tongue cannot tell of the beauty of Gotland. You’ll just have to go there for yourself. I highly recommend it. It is the gem of Sweden. The entire city is surrounded by a medieval castle wall and stuffed packed with history. Ruins await you around every corner down the cobblestone streets of the ancient city. It was truly amazing. My dream area.
11891137_10153220419467737_6684054874671497611_nMy emailing this week will have to be cut very very very very short but I hope this surplus of pictures can be adequate until next week. Also as for news back on the mainland, Dan is in the final sprint to baptism in two weeks time and everything is going well. He is such an amazing person. He has a love for God that is unmatched. He keeps the commandments out of love for God. No other reason. It is all about love for him….It is a blessing to have him as a friend. Also, Arman, our little Persian Einstein, is strolling his way to salvation as well….what a champ. 
Erik, and Elder Larsen with Dan.
I just love the Persian people so much. We are currently teaching five Persians and each and every one of them is just fantastic. Before some decide go to shake fists at the Islamic nations, saying we should throw them out of our countries and wipe them off the map reach Alma 26, and think of the Middle East as the Lamanites.
  25 And moreover they did say: Let us take up arms against them, that we destroy them and their iniquity out of the land, lest they overrun us and destroy us.

 26 But behold, my beloved brethren, we came into the wilderness not with the intent to destroy our brethren, but with the intent that perhaps we might save some few of their souls.”

Now are you a son of Mosiah, or are you one of the Zarahemla members who simply wanted to destroy the people. Food for thought, my dear America. Anyhow I must be off. Next week will be a better Email. Scouts honor.

Love you all to bits and pieces.

Äldste Erik Anderson Scott

Erik said this was his, Samuel, the Lamanite moment, up on the wall. The German tourists below couldn’t understand what he was saying as he spoke in Swedish. 🙂
And then Erik added this to his letter to me, his mom:
The missionaries in the district are great. We have the sisters who are awesome (Syster Irene who I’ve been with my entire mission. We came together and have been separated for 3 weeks as the longest and Syster Savage who is very not Utah for being from Utah) and the Visby elders which consists of Olsen who I’ve been mission friends with for a while, and Elder Richardson from Oregon. We have the almighty zone lords who are Bybee who is a giant teddy bear….pretty much the personality of Sean Mckee and Archibald who is a giant drill sergeant that is crazy about numbers and all that but it is all good.
I love you so much, mum. I hope this mission will make me a much better son and person when i come home than I was going out. Thank you for raising me to be more than ordinary. You are the best.
11947477_10153220420212737_7660479618214339174_n 11899848_10153220420617737_8245536096979957859_n 11898573_10153220419817737_5014771350425009330_n 11891200_10153220420362737_2392555820586007959_n 11222134_10153220419947737_3852175421762143322_n 11221405_10153220420072737_1810776490014723766_n

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