Another Good Week in Västerhaninge:

FullSizeRender-3 So, on Wednesday we were sitting on the tåg and this man named Dan from Ghana passes us. We say Hej but it was a city tåg and he was walking by fast so we could not contact him properly…. A few minutes pass, and he walks back up to us and says he felt the spirit strong as he walked on the train. He had been investigating the church over 8 months ago and when he passed us, he had an overwhelming feeling he should talk to us, so we arranged to meet him the next day.  When we showed up at his place, we are not even to his door before he is asking to be baptized. He rehearsed all the lessons to us and after months of no connection with missionaries, has found for himself that the church is true. Crazy sauce! That is one miracle out of a many from this week.

On Saturday, Maryam was baptized and it was a fantastic baptismal program. President Beckstrand ( the mission president) decided to show up for it with no notice.  With Maryam speaking Persian, we had the talk in Persian and had a fantastic fika of Iranian food. (literally my favorite cuisine in the world) Her confirmation on Sunday was amazing to be a part of. There is a whole lot of spirit packed in her. It is overwhelming.FullSizeRender

This week,  I also found out I’ll get to stay in Västerhaninge for twelve more weeks because I’ll be training a new missionary and also will be district leader.( a district leader trains and helps about 7-8 other missionaries).  I’m pretty excited to train.I hope my Swedish is good enough…yikes….He’ll probably speak better Swedish than me so it is all good.

Elder Burton will be sent up to the great white Norrland. It was a very good companionship where we got a lot of good work done. We baptized and hopefully two more are very soon on the way.. Life is good in the promised land. To have the temple in your area is a gift I love so much. Great ward, great people, great work. Sometimes tough times come but they are always followed by an increase of blessings



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