Berry Season in Sweden:

IMG_4053The last two weeks have been the whirliest whirlwind yet. I had a whole lot of things I wanted to say in my letter home but have forgotten all of it. The main focus right now is that we will be baptizing our Persian investigator, Maryam on Saturday!!!! She is such an amazing woman. She took on the gospel with joy and is willing to stand and defend it even when that means persecution. She knows that the church is true and will not ever say otherwise. Ghazanfar and Mesomeh, my Persian convert BFFs back in Karlstad were able to communicate with simple English and Swedish but Maryam can really only say Hej hej and Tack so we rely entirely on our awesome translator Pouyeh…It is amazing how even when we cannot speak the same language with Maryam, we can still become such good friends.

IMG_4070Västerhaninge is a lovely area and I do not want to leave it any time soon. The weather has been traditional Swedish summer of rain just about every day but when the sun is out this place is gorgeous. In our area is a lovely town called Nynashämn which is right on the Baltic and it is hard to not feel like you are on a beach vacation when you are doing work there on a sunny day. This time of year brings thousands of berries you can just pick on the side of the road. There are bjornbär (blackberries) smultron, lingonbär, currantbär, svartvinbär, hallonbär (raspberries) wild cherries, and a whole lot of other delicious kinds which we have not identified but know are edible….the combination of this with a member dinner every night this week is merciful to my empty fridge.

IMG_4101We’ve been working hard, hitting some of the highest numbers I’ve reached yet, not that missionary work is about numbers, but it does show that we are busy. Next week, I will be able to say who my next comp will be because Elder Burton has been here for 6 months and will probably get the boot.I’ll be missing that Canadian…..


Äldste Scott



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