A Quick Note from Erik:


This week, the work is coming alive here in West Haninge! We will have two baptisms on the first of August and more coming soon! One of the baptisms is for Maryan, a fantastic Persian woman whose ancestors were Christian but were forced to be Muslim. Growing up in Iran, she always secretly identified herself as Christian.  Her family secretly believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. When we found her, everything just fell perfectly in place. She loves church, loves the gospel and is extremely excited for her baptism. Persians are just the greatest people. Four more Persian investigators will be baptized back in Karlstad next week, making that wee branch 7 Persians and 15 Swedes. This is their time to receive the gospel. This letter is extremely short because I have to go to a lesson right now but I love my area, I love the people here, I love the nature here, the beautiful Baltic sea, and I love this gospel. I love seeing it change and bless lives, bring light into their eyes. My brother just finished his mission and I hope I can serve a little better, a little more like him. I love him and am so thankful for his wonderful example. I love my family, I love Jesus Christ and I sure do certainly love the people and  Persian refugees….now stop calling them all terrorists. It’s embarrassing.

Then this little tidbit Erik sent to me as I asked how well he is eating these days: This last week, we only had one day of not being fed. We have 8 temple missionary couples that feed us all of the time, which ranged from the Östheds who bake delicious Swedish desserts, to the Oats who make your classic Utah casserole and jello as the salad. We also have many members feed us. In Västerhanige, there is this giant family called the Kryborns who cover a large majority of the leadership callings. There are about 20 of them plus there kids…it is crazy. They are all siblings and cousins and are kind of like this one huge super righteous army with kids on missions who all take really good care of the missionaries and are the spiritual and missionary force for the ward. They fed us very well. Jonas Krylborn lives in the nicest house I’ve ever been in on my mission (but not materialist) and is a missionary powerhouse whose wife makes the best food I’ve had since I’ve been out on the mission. She made  a barbeque meal last night which tasted like heaven. A lot of it was from Jamie Oliver. My companion wants to buy separately so I’ve been buying just fish, granola, fruits and salad because the member meals are giving me a 2 year old Erik tummy.

At a member's house.
At a member’s house.

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