Ian’s last post…

"My visit to heaven this week!"
“My visit to heaven this week!”

Dear Friends and family,

Thanks to all who have prayed for me. Thank you more to all who sent letters and emails. I regret not being able to respond to them all but wish I could. This is the final count down and have found my self getting emergency transferred to Des Moines for the last week in a half. I was meant to be here by God’s design,. Crazy stuff went down back in Missouri and I am back helping out some people in an old area and finding some new people( outdoorsy hippy types) I think only I could connect with.The week has been insane and I cannot describe it all in writing. I will say I have never worked harder and felt so much joy and purpose as a missionary.  I love my mission, and hope this week last.

It has been a miracle that I  got this far, through all the storms and opposition but am so blessed and happy that I hung on to Christ, and I give him all the glory for getting me though it all! Can I get a HALLELUJAH! up in here?!

-Elder Scott the 2nd


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