Leaving Karlstad?

IMG_0232[1]This week Ghazanfar and Mesomeh were able to be confirmed and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was one of the most special opportunities I have yet been a part of. The spirit was so strong. It seemed like their faces were literally glowing with light. It was one of the moments of life I will remember for eternity. This week we found quite a few new investigators from street contacting including four more Persians (at this rate we can have a Persian branch here in five years. Three down, a dozen more to go. Fist pump.) and an actually living breathing young Swedish man. (what? imagine that!) His name is Robin Eriksson, He is in his mid twenties, has a normal job, normal life and will be gone on vacation in Turkey for the next three weeks so I will probably not get to teach him again because transfer calls go out this week and I’ve already served 6 months in Karlstad and to serve much longer would be rather rare…..but you never know where the Lord wants you….so maybe I will get to teach him…. we shall see. He was very interested in our message and has a very close relationship with God already.

We also have another new Swedish investigator (double heel click) that is a young mother who works in the hospital who has been looking into our church for years and is now ready to meet with us. Our first official sit down lesson will be literally the night before transfers…. If I do leave Karlstad, there will be plenty of work for the new guy. We also found three new Syrians (got to love the Syrians), a family of Albanians, another Albanian man, one Iraqi and hopefully more new investigators on the way because Shadow Chales want to help us with missionary work. (and will probably be baptized in the near future, that classy gent).

IMG_0212[1]  This upcoming week is Midsummers, the one day of the year apart from Christmas that we have completely off, so I am very excited to be able to dance around a pole, sing Swedish folk songs and have the sun still up past midnight. What sport, I dare say! We will have  to be in our apartment extra early and the next day we are also not supposed to go out until after 3:00 because Midsummers in Sweden is much like St. Patricks day in the USA when it comes to alcohol consumption…. hence why they are celebrating it on the 19th rather than the 21st. Anyhow, I hope if this is my last week in beautiful Värmland that I can finish with some good work. I love you all and wish you a very happy Midsummers! (please don’t get drunk though. That would a perfect way to spoil the evening.)


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