July 2nd!

ianmishAs Ian did not send photos, here’s a few collages of photos from his mission to enjoy.

Okay, no complaints here.  Yes, my area got shut down even though there was a lot of work there. One of my new companions is super cool. He is from the northwest the other is a bit awkward and rigid.  The work is slow in Kirksville many of the locals just want to bash and persecute you.

I gave my departing testimony at zone conference and it was good even though I cried. I have two weeks left and I’m feeling happy. I felt confirmed that I did a good job even though I thought I haven’t, but  the spirit says otherwise and I’m okay with that. I got confirmation this mission was a success and it has helped me grow so much.

This super cool farmer family who is just like the Missouri version of the Weasleys( red hair,bunch of boys and 1 girl at the end). Well, one son came home and gave an excellent homecoming talk. He served in the same mission as Ricky did. (Ian’s brother inlaw). He didn’t have many baptisms but you can tell he grew to really love the Navajos and he talked about service. Later, I asked him if he was working until he goes back to BYUI, but he said he was just his mom’s slave for the summer, and I am looking forward to that too-no joke.

love you- Elder Scott



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