Always honest Elder Scott

Well, the week was going good, just loving life in rural Missouri.  It was a long humid day and I  was taking the shortcut to get home on a gravel road that we usually take out but I have never taken it.  As I was coming up a hill at 30 mph, I couldn’t see the sharp turn on the other side, so the road turned and I didn’t. Our car went though a barbed wire fence. The damage was just a lost rear bumper and a tail light, I explained to president we would just look like very one else around these parts, but we are too classy to drive without a tail light. Our president had been talking about closing down our remote area, so after this event, he did.

Our brotherly companionship ended  and I was put into a three-some in Kirksville for the last 3 weeks of the mission. Our bishop got  fired up because he lives in Green city and thinks it is the promised land. Yes, it is hard getting around but the people are nice and humble and the work is fruitful. It is mostly due to a loss of 50 cars in the mission and a big drop in missionaries and not enough coming out.

So, to all you fence sitters who cannot decide if you want to go on a mission, do it and stop caring about your self. The people  matter do and they need your help and you need their help to make you no longer a little brat kid but into a charitable man. I hope you enjoyed the eye brow singe but we need you,. I know I complain a lot about missionary stuff, but it has been worth it and  I would not trade the experience for all the riches in the world.

Anyways, I have 3 weeks left working both and all of Green city so there is alot to do!  I am with 2 young diligent missionaries and they are keeping me in gear. One is a little nerdy but very nice and gets it done and the other is a friend of a friend from Washington and he is a northwest brother from Enumclaw. He is into all the outdoor stuff that I like and he is also a sportsman. He doesn’t complain and he doesn’t give a rats boot, and says it how it is. We got in a bash with a  “logical”man and he was able to get the man to realize things he never considered. The man is a  computer science professor so I took the opportunity to say random number in binary code as a joke. Unknown to me, I said the holy numbers of 7 and 12, that really brought him to his knees. I never thought my first experience of speaking in tongues would be in binary? But, it softened  his heart more then another language.

So it’s been wild, but,  I’m going hard on the paint still and not letting the changes slow me down, but I will sure miss Elder Stock as  he was a cool jazzy guy.


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