A long-awaited day:

IMG_3646Sweden is bursting with beautiful color. The sun is setting around 10:30pm  and the sky does not really have much time to get dark before the sun rises again around 3:30am.  I am experiencing the wettest summer Sweden has had for over 300 years.

Ghazanfar and Mesomeh’s Baptism

The overshadowing event of this week was Ghazanfar and Mesomeh were baptized this Sunday!It was a wonderful Sunday. We had a special satellite broadcast of Elder Holland and Texiqueria in Edinburgh, Scotland which all of the investigators who came to church loved. It was followed by the baptism which was fantatic, even though I had to baptize Mesomeh three times because she is 8 months pregnant and it was very hard to get the stomach fully emerged. They are truly two of the best people out there and it is such an honor to be their friend.

Their son, Amir.
Their son, Amir.

The earlier half of the week was quite unusual because we were out of town for two full days for the zone conference in Västerhaninge (where we received technology training because we will be receiving ipads in the near future but no set date yet) but the days we were here we were able to do some pretty good work. Samir and Roleen (the Syrain family) are progressing very well. We finally got our hands on an Arabic dubbed restoration dvd (gold dust in the Sweden Stockholm mission) and now have an Arabic translator for Roleen.  Roleen actually speaks more Swedish then many missionaries even though she hasn’t had a formal class yet….she is just extremely smart….Samir speaks like a native now…. Now,  we just need to get Ghazanfar and Mesomeh transitioned in as members and hopefully we can see a few more baptisms in Karlstad in the near future.

Reunion of some of my MTC family in Västerhaninge (the temple)
“Swedish National Day!!!!!! like fourth of July without the bad country music.”

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