“Only Four More of These You Have to Read”

Looking at Ian's view from his backyard...and his painting.
Looking at Ian’s view from his backyard…and his painting.

Not much to report, just driving a lot and talking to nice farmers who can talk for hours but they are always so hospitable and honest. When farmers do commit, they do it 100%. It just takes them some thinking before they get there.

At the branch, we had one member there this week, but we had two investigators at church, which is fun to have more non members then members at church. One is getting real close, he is just having trouble getting over those darn cigarettes.  The other one who came, is a classy black lady who owns the local hair salon/ nails/ face spa/  hospital scrub distribution/ tannery and taxidermy store. It’s  a small town and you need to have a lot of outlets to survive.

Where he and his missionary companion live.

I helped some members on there farm. It felt good to wrestle sheep again. It’s a good reminder how we are compared to sheep by the Savior, probably because we are so dumb like sheep when it comes to following the ways of our master.  While working, a thunderstorm ended our chores so we warmed up to a delicious farm-raised meal equal to the deliciousness of my mother’s cooking. It was so good, and the lady taught us how to make the food. The trick is lots of butter and that is probably why it tasted like mom’s food so much.

Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Scott the 2nd

Another Elder Scott with a sheep.
Another Elder Scott with a sheep.

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