Loving it in Missouri

I’m in the brawling metropolis of Green City, Missouri now! It’s just an hour from Adam-andi Aman(but that’s not our mission).

My new companion is a good, skinny, runner, educated guy at the end of his last 2 months, who is into jazz and trumpet,. He is adventurous enough, and we get along without having to try, and share many similar opinions and experiences on missionary work,. The only thing bad I have to say about him is he is from Utah, (haha) but he can be forgiven for that.

I live in the middle of nowhere and there are miles of ranch land behind our house that is fun to explore. I started a small farm of potatoes and onions and basil, I also made a compost pile, and we burn all our trash because we are too far from it to get picked up. I have also made friends with a wild farm cat to help kill our the mice in our falling apart house. It is an old 1900 farm house with secret passageways and things to explore but it has been neglected a little.  It still has a homey feeling.

We eat well, though we only get fed by members on Sunday. Our fridge is full of steak, pork and deer, from all the farmer members. Missouri has more ranch land as the terrain is too rugged for crops, so it is beautiful ranch land and it makes meat really cheap,. So,  looks like I went from being a vegetarian to a meat head( meat is all there is to eat so the word of wisdom makes that excuse for times of famine).

The country folk are nice.  The real trick is getting them to stop talking. A few are humble enough to investigate but everyone lets us in for nice long chats or civil bible bashes.

We cover 3 small towns; Green city, Milan, and Unionville.  Last month a branch was started in Unionville that we pretty much run. It only has 6 members, all pretty recent converts but I have never had a more spiritual sacrament meeting on my mission.  Everyone is close and we meet in a log cabin at a campground. Then, we drive 50 miles to Kirksville to get to the ward on Sunday. There’s a lot of time behind the wheel and not a lot of paved roads. Although I wasn’t sent to Grimes, IA as I hoped, I love it here and it has made me less trunky about leaving in a month.

love, Elder Scott 2


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