Typical Erik…now typical “Aldste Scott”.

IMG_3617This week I did something rather foolish which proves that I am still very much the same careless person I’ve always been and am in desperate need of change. On Wednesday, we had zone training in Eskilstuna, on the other side of the country, (there are four Oregonians in my zone. How often does that happen?) and stayed the entire day to visit several members Elder Brinkworth baptized when he was serving in Eskilstuna. We therefore got home just after 10:00 pm (still very light outside here) and I discovered that the keys to the apartment and the church had fallen out of my pocket on the bus………ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ……so we tried to run to the bus station to see if we can catch that bus but it had already taken off back to Karlskoga for the night, which is on the other side of the county (and the birthplace of Alfred Nobel in case anyone was interested….that is about all Karlskoga has going for it). To make everything just splendid, our phone was dead so we were left locked out of our apartment, this time about 11:00 at night with no ability to call anyone in Karlstad, which means literally everything apart from pubs were closed. The apartment complex in which we live is the sort that requires a key to get in before you get to your own door but the weak point was that it had outdoor walkways on every level, so I could climb up the wall to the second level, which certainly did not look suspicious at all. We then proceeded to break into our own apartment. Luckily, we only left on of the three latches locked on the window so with Brinkworth’s mighty football ramming speed we broke the latch and entered through our kitchen window at 1:00 in the morning with an appointment rather early the following morning. We have successfully gone the entire week without the keys to our apartment or our the church. We hope to replace them soon because it would be quite nice to lock one’s own apartment.

That aside, it was a fantastic week. We will be having three baptismal interviews this week (for Ghazanfar, Mesomeh and Shadow Chales) all three of which will be baptized the following weekend! Ghazanfar and Mesomeh were able to finally come to church with the help of a member driving them, and they loved it. They truly made me realize how much of church I took for granted, seeing how overjoyed and grateful they were for every element of the church service that they had been waiting weeks to be able to enjoy. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to take the sacrament.

Meanwhile, Shadow Chales is spiritually on fire and ready to be baptized as well, but when all spiritually goes perfectly. something temporally goes wrong…..which in this case is his transportation to church. He has been to church without fail every Sunday for many weeks now but the restaurant that he works at just closed, so he can no longer afford a bus card to come to church. This is a problem we will need to solve soon as his baptism is fast approaching. We will try asking several members that live near him if they can give him a ride. This letter will have to end without any grand close or properly covering my week because now I have to go to a lesson….sorry. I love you all.

Much Love,

Äldste Erik Scott


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