Ian’s “Uneventful” Week:

So, I don’t have too much to write since it was an uneventful week full of investigators flaking out along with preaching to people that did not give us the time of day; though we did have tacos and also giant steaks from two different long time less actives we just started meeting with. Never-the less, It was one of those weeks. But it ended well talking to my mum on Mother’s Day.

We had interviews with president and he said I”m getting transferred for my last six weeks, probably to Des Moines, but he made no promises. I have been in Illinois for six months and it is high time I made it back to the promise land of Des Moines. So,  I’m getting to the end, getting excited but I feel like there is one more person i need to help help, and that is my goal for this last transfer.

And then Ian sends me this…

Elder Banta( a crazy adrenaline junky from Idaho, who I am going to shed the back country with and get free snowmobile rides), anyways, he is a good friend I have served in the same ward with for six months. He wrote this story in his letter home this week, and I added in my part in parenthesis, and in purple.

“Had some really interesting experiences this week.(the craziest 45 minutes of my mission)  We got chased by this crazy guy. I have been yelled at and stuff but never actually CHASED! He was crazy. He was yelling, “I’m gonna kill you Mormon (beep), you LDS (BEEP).” Then we hid in this random person’s house (she was a lady we were actually teaching at her door when a hot rod revved up with “the Rock” in it. The Rock is a big, bad, crazy, old, guy who drives a vintage hot rod. He was one of Banta’s former investigators but he was dropped after he came to church and picked the bishop up by the collar telling him he was wasting his time and saying all kinds of things against the church. We haven’t seen him since that last episode. So, anyways, the Rock comes driving around the complex yelling so, she invited us in to hide, as a bunch of other rough looking ladies went out of the apartment telling him to go away, as he revved up his hot rod and tried to get out. the ladies had our back and it proved to be a good enough distraction that we were able to sneak out the back door and… we) and we ran out the back door. We ran through some back streets and hopped some fences and we thought we were clear. Then,  he come ripping around the corner at us so we ran some more. We got to the car, Elder Scott did a Bo Duke sliding over the hood. We got in and we were in a high speed get away with the Rock on our tail, blazing the MOTAB! Can you imagine that! Oh and “The Rock” was in an old ’57 chevy hot rod. We finally got away. So that was nuts.” (We arrived back at the apartment where we crashed from all the adrenaline pumping though our bodies. I’m not going to lie, I like the action and felt like one of the saints of old getting chased by the mobs.)

Elder Scott the II

I hope you enjoy the facsimile from the book of Abraham that I painted on the apt. wall. I guess now i can say i left my mark on the area..

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