Erik: Saying goodbye to his companion week

Having an adventure last p day  that me me feel alive
Having an adventure last p day that me me feel alive

This letter shall be rushed because I just got back from a trip to Charlottenberg so Elder Dahle could snatch a 7 month supply of Norwegian chocolate before he leaves and we will have family home evening very soon. Elder Dahle is leaving? Yeah, 18 weeks with this goober and he is off to Skövde, on the other side of lake Vänvern. I’ll be getting a new companion on Wednesday named Elder Brinkworth. Ch-ch-ch-chain-changes. (“turn to face the strain”) .

So, quick review of this week; at the Lidins I butchered some cow’s meat which I then proceeded to grind myself and make the most amazing hamburger this side of the Himalayas with. We had a jammed packed cereal bag of lessons to fill our days. (but no toy at the bottom, because someone sued because apparently it is a choking hazard.) The collaboration of the investigators we are meeting had us teaching ever lesson this week at one point or another.

Next to a Picasso sculpture in Kristinehamn
On Thursday, we found a new investigator who has a baptismal date! Tord is an old intellectual Swedish man with the sort of facial hair you can only imagine on a German psychiatrist, though unlike a German psychiatrist, he is very religious. (sorry German psychiatrist, I don’t mean to over generalize you. If one of you are in fact religious you can send me a letter and I will personally apologize.) He already knows a great deal about the church. He is particularly interested because he has studied US history and finds it incredible that we in our early days received so much persecution and violence from a country that had religious freedom as one of it’s core principals. After we taught him the first lesson,  he wanted to start reading the Book of Mormon straight away with us. We were only able to reach the 3rd chapter before we had to catch a bus….but he is reading it rapidly.

This week Jenni came back from India! We went over to her house for dinner on Saturday and had some of the best food I’ve had in my life.. Southern Indian food is where it is at. Her husband is very interested in the church. They have a pretty awesome story. In India, where marriages are arranged, they did not get parental approval for their marriage, for he was a class higher than her. So, they waited 6 years until his father died to get married.

Samir, Roleen and their adorable baby with, Elder Dahl

On Sunday, we were supposed to have 10 investigators at church. 4 showed up, which is a very good ratio actually. Chales, Emmanuel, Samir and Roleen! It is a truly special experience to watch Arabic general conference with Samir and Roleen and to see the Spirit touch them. They will always be very special to me. They were first ever lesson and now a fantastic friendship which I hope will last for eternity.

Then, I was able to Skype my parents for Mother’s Day which made it the best Sunday ever. I love my parents. They are the best two people in my life. I am so thankful for how they raised me.

That is all from Karl’s City.  Much love and all that, tootle-pip,

Äldste Erik Scott



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