Spring in Sweden

IMG_3417For the last several weeks, it has been getting to the point where our schedule has been entirely booked.  Before, we have to do weekly planning, which is very good because our weekly planning sessions are pretty much completed before we have to start them. The negative side of this is we do not have very much flexibility in our week so we will have to make some changes before we can take on many more investigators. (It would be nice to have more than just two missionaries here)

So,  this week in review: On Tuesday at the Lidins,  we helped butcher a cow, which is very heavy, bloody, and not my cuppa saft. When the actual killing was being done, I was fortunate enough to be given the task of distracting the other cows so they didn’t have to see. But the product of the hard work of skinning and butchering and blood whisking was delicious beef stew and some nice boiled cow’s tongue, which is very fine quality meat.

On Wednesday,  we were blessed with another amazing lesson with Gazanfar and Mesomeh where Mesomeh gave the most powerful prayer I have ever heard, and I do not even speak Persian, so I did not understand the words but I felt the spirit strong. They have already read about the commandments we taught them and started to live them already, bearing strong testimonies of the word of wisdom  and tithing.IMG_3421

At the Valborg Festival

Thursday was Valborg, which consists of choirs singing classic Swedish songs about springtime and nature, then burning a huge bonfire to keep away the witches and then all the unmarried adults get drunk out their minds and wreck havoc on the streets. We went to the more family friendly bonfire for kids in the alcohol free park and it was quite enjoyable. That night, being very close to a university, it was quite loud. Our neighbors (not the Beatlemania ones, the other ones) were having a house party so I was laying in my bed at 1 in the morning,  with the room vibrating to AVICII, Swedish House Mafia, etc. etc. which isn’t bad at all, but I do like my sleep. The next morning we did not dare go knock on doors. I don’t think most people would be in the mood after their liver abuse the night before.

On Friday,  after another awesome lesson with Ghazanfar and Mesomeh,  a miracle happened. We were going out for some kebab for we were several hours from home and would not be catching a train until late and in the kebab restaurant we met Doreen. Doreen is a member of our church who grew up in the Philippines. Her mother is Philippino and her father is Swedish. Two year ago she decided to move to Sweden to discover her Swedish side and never transferred her records and has not known where the church was here in Värmland. AND WE FOUND HER!!!!!!  So,  that was awesome, and another sign of God’s hand in our lives. We are meeting her next week and hopefully getting her back to church.IMG_3420

On Saturday, we went to an African Party. These are the best form of the word party. Africans know how to throw a party. White people should just give up….or ask an African to throw one for them. Africans know how to dance….and the food was amazing. I’ve heard horror stories about African food, mainly from Utah missionaries, which should be taken with a grain of salt, and this food was nothing like their description. Spicy meats, delicious rice dishes, cow stomach soup, fufu, which is this white cassava dough that you dip in spicy meat soup.Also, the middle easterners where having a barbecue outside, so it was a good day food wise, even though I was painfully reminded how terribly white I am, which is very hilarious for some Africans.

On Sunday, Chales shared with us why he came to Sweden. He and a couple friends lead a protest against the corrupt government of DR Congo and had to run for his life. Many who protested have been killed. The fact that he made it out alive was a miracle. He believes God must have kept him alive for a reason, and I believe him. That is all form Sweden.

Ha en trevlig vårsäsong!

Äldste Scott




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