Ian gets to use his talents as a missionary!


Started off last week with some killer Midwestern mountain biking with a ragtag gang of bikes. At the end,  only 2 out of 8 bikes could work. I stripped out my peddle which  was later welded back on by my farmer friend. It was fun riding the bike without peddles it was like those toddler bikes where you kick with your legs, you can get some good speed, but it hurts to land when you go off a jump.

We did a lot of exchanges this week and  showed the elders who took over Rock Island,  the area and meet some of my old investigators. It was good to  back in Rock Island, home of the Blues Brothers. They had statues of them and so  I had to get a picture. The best part is my picture was taken by an old time platinum rapper who gave up his life of vanity and became a gospel singer and preacher of the word. He is just a humble street cleaner now, but he was a true O.G.IMG_3394

I miss Rock Island, and all the brothers there. Good news! After much fasting a prayer, my friend Joel is doing better and wants to meet again. He has been though more then anyone should have to in this life. He is a good guy and he is still holding on.  Now i’m just in Moline and the demographic is mostly middle class whites and poor Hispanics. We have found many cool new people this week.

One is a super chill college student who has had a bunch of amazing spiritual experiences and  is fun to talk to.  We also  talked to a bunch of people along the Mississippi board walk.  While there,  I did a chalk drawing of Jesus coming to the people in the Americas as a way to talk to people about the Book of Mormon. It was a way that I can use my talents and not be as annoying as going door to door. IMG_3393

There was too much going on on a Saturday night by the river: two weddings, tons of road bikers and walkers, a crowd getting out of a W.W.E. fight, everyone was getting pictures by the river for prom night, a youth theater troop doing Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, a little league baseball tournament… One team was inspired by the drawing to start praying before there games, and we became  friends. I have never seen crowds like that in the Midwest.  I guess it was the right time to get the message across. i have found time and time again on the mission that when I use my talents and be myself I find the most joy and success in the work.

Take it easy,

Elder Scott 2


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