My Week and Nine more to Go

…”had to knock on this apartment, super scary on the inside”.

Started the week of with some trial running in a thunder storm, with my hardcore marine/ Oregonian friend, Elder Bean. It was good to get nature back into my soul, so I started the week of happy and healthy and it stayed that way. We have been eating more, now that we are approved to eat with all the members in our ward. Part of the ward is in Bettendorf, Iowa and there are many well to do members that feed us steak, but there are not as many humble hearts on that side.

I had a good exchange with a missionary I came out with. We talked all night long, talking about the mission, how we have grown but also what we have left to do.  It was a deep conversation that does not have room for this email, but to say the least it was inspirational and kicked me back in gear.

Speaking of gears, I made my big red mt. bike (named Clifford) into a fixed gear bike.Since my bike was sabotaged in Iowa City the gears were broken and the guy at the bike shop condemned Clifford to death. But, he has been resurrected from his bike box grave, with much work and by the grace of God I able to get the ratios just right to make him into a fixed gear without getting any components.

I’ve started a bike movement in the district and  now every one wants a bike. The local bike store loves me because all the missionaries I have been referring to them. Iv’e got to know the guys at the shop well. Some are going to go mt.biking with us and we are also going to do service, building a park in Moline. I was praying I would find people to teach that I could relate to and my prayers were answered.

This week, we also found a guy with a tree of life tattoo and we showed him the meaning of the tattoo in 1st Nephi 8, and it blew his mind. I am not endorsing tattoos, but they tell you alot about people, and some have long personal stories tied to them.

I also gave a talk in church this week on missionary work, with out preparation. It felt like I was already giving my homecoming talk because I talked about so many experiences I have had on the mission. The main theme of the talk was, have we felt to sing the songs of redeeming love, have we felt the joy of the gospel and been redeemed  though Christ’s grace. If so, it is only a natural desire to share it with people. True conversion is the only honest motivation for doing missionary work.

A family I have been teaching a while came to church, but they like it but they were not used to the screaming kids that we seem not to notice growing up in the church. We have been getting more used to the new ward, so things are well.

Love, Elder Scott 2


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