Ian’s week and walking treasures:

Ian’s second companion just went home. Elder Cleverly….”and I am gonna miss this guy. He has influenced my life and my mission, and is the most happy person on the planet.”

With the new ward boundaries, we cross the Mississippi more often and since I don’t know my way around Bettendorf and Davenport, we have been getting lost, and as a bi product we are burning though our monthly mileage allotment. So, we have been walking more and when you walk, you see more stuff and meet more crazy people then you would in the safe confines of a car. The IDMM, missionaries don’t walk but drive everywhere, so I love getting out of a car for a change.  We walked and walked and walked, this week like most missionaries in other missions, and I will tell you, it’s hard work.

IMG_0313My companion who is new to walking as a missionary has been introduced to finding ‘tracting treasures” AKA random junk on the side of the road. He found a rubber raccoon leg, a shot glass, a baby bunny he kept as a pet, a soccer ball, and action figures. We also picked up teaching a black preacher(” praise the lord, can I get a holler!”) and a lady that knows nothing about God but wants to.  We met a fellow Portlander who is having us over for dinner, a bunch of Hispanics that don’t speak English, a random drunk lady that jumped out of a bar window in front of my face to scare me, some snobby rich kids that thought they where so posh by wearing golf shoes, and a host of other characters. They are all people met on the mean streets of Moline. I like walking, as it makes you feel like your doing stuff when you really are not doing too much, but it makes me feel like a hip European missionary like my brother.

That’s all for now folks,

– Elder Scott


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