Another Eventful Week in Karlstad, Sweden

No new photos this week as Erik forgot his camera cord to download the photos but there are extra ones from last week/
With the letter L for his brother’s Happy Birthday Elder Scott banner.

I have to ask your forgiveness for this week felt like a month and I did not do a very good job of updating my journal so I am struggling at recalling all of the events worth mentioning.

Last Monday was ages ago. The week began with Osaro, with all of his possessions at the church, waiting to get a call from Mehdi to move in with him. Later in the week, we found that Mehdi had a very unfortunate situation which made him unavailable to answer calls. So, Osaro had nowhere to live and he had to go to the hospital on Tuesday where they scanned his brain and found that he has a large tumor and is now in Uppsala waiting to get brain surgery. We are not sure if he will be able to return to Karlstad. All we can do is pray for his welfare.

Charles spent the entire week in Göteborg, which will means we are going to need to go into hyperdrive to teach all of the lessons before his baptism interview on Friday. Emanuel will need more time to commit to the word of wisdom but we are still meeting with him. Our very good friend, Mohammed, (one of the thousand) moved to Gävle for a few months. This is sad for us because he is a very good friend, but good for him because he is staying with friends from Syria which he very much needs to help with his emotional state, which being stuck in a refugee camp full of old people in the middle of nowhere was not helping. He is in good hands with missionaries in Gävle, and we still talk to him on the phone.

We also have a new progressing investigator this week. We first met Kim on the bus. Interesting story actually. The majority of the week was hectic and busy (26 lessons though, hurrah) but we had one small space of time with nothing planned so we decided to go door knocking but had no plan of where to knock. Walking down the road, we decided out of the blue to get on a random bus with no plan for a destination. Sitting on the bus, not sure why we were inclined to get on, I saw the most fantastic top hat atop the head of a Swedish bro who was a delightful cross between a mod, a 1980s British new wave, and a Tim Burton character. Such a combination does not sound possible, but believe me, it is. I wanted so desperately to contact him, based solely on his outfit, but all I could get was a “Tjena!” before he passed my seat to sit in the back of the bus. A few minutes later however, he walked back up and sat next to me and asked if I happen to know Brandon Flowers, since he could see that I was Mormon. Kim is a devote music lover and has read every book worth reading, plus more. He is trying to getting over drug addiction from his rock n’ roll lifestyle, but wants to change and has very strong faith in God. He believes that meeting us on the bus was God helping him find truth. He is going to read the Book of Mormon and meet us when he is done. (we met him yesterday and he should be done by tomorrow) We taught the entire first lesson and more on the bus and he loved it. IMG_3148

Right after, we knocked on some doors and some old man had us come into his house for him to tell us about how he met his wife at a dance in rapid värmlandska which I could more or less get the majority of, so that is very good. My Swedish still isn’t perfect, but it has come a long way from knocking doors in January. The work here takes a lot out of me physically, but I am spiritually revived and hopefully we will have some fruits of are labor in the near future. Sometimes, it feels like trying to tear down the Berlin wall with just my hands, but other times, with help from the Spirit, we can maybe make a little difference. Only with the Spirit. Alone, I am nothing.



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