21 Years and 21 Months

11102632_985403111470426_519324677842548938_nSo 21 years on the mission and 21 months in life…I mean 21 one years in life and 21 months on the mission. You get it? but that’s how I feel.

I started the week saying good byes to all the people in the old Rock Island ward that has now been mixed to a variety of other wards. All week people where whining about missing friends and going to new building that was a couple of miles further drive.  Well, the handcart pioneers didn’t have it this hard? After the new wards met, from my interviews with members,most of them found it was much better and saw the fault in the old Rock-Island ward. Many received confirmation that this was a good change and that the church is still true and Thomas s. Monson is a prophet who receives revelation from God even as the prophets of old. But, many others refused to go to the new wards and have gone less active, among are a  few good friends and recent converts. From this experience, I have learned how important it is to sustain our leaders and trust God has called them. Also, people need to be rooted in a testimony of Jesus Christ, not a sandy foundation of church social groups and conveniently close chapels. Always ask, why do you do things? and don’t just do things to do things, or you will do anything. You have a brain- use it.  You have a Father in Heaven that reveals truth, ask for it. So that’s the lesson today.

Elder Powell went home  this week,and left me with a good stack of magic cards and some action figures. He is probably smooching a beautiful California babe by now. He was a chill guy, who connected well with all kinds of people. I will miss him. Now,  I am with Elder Hopkins from Pasco, WA.  With an Oregonian and a Washingtonian teamed up, members are always asking if we smoke weed, (haha). Elder Hopkins being a stand up comedian/drama guy, he always has a funny comeback.  He reminds me of living with my brother, Erik again as he is always monologue-ing and thirsty for the spotlight.

I had a good 21st birthday. A member took me out to Whiteys ice cream- only available in the quad cities.  Thank you to all the people who contributed to the banner.  Thanks mom and dad for the  Legos and scrap-book was very sentimental.

To all the worried souls that think  I only eat granola, they will be happy to know I had dinner every day this week! For four days, I  had pizza, and the other two, I  had hamburgers. I hope your all happy my cholesterol has skyrocketed.  Since I am in a new ward and all the members don’t live on my side  to town, I will probably be going back on my granola diet( oats actually lower cholesterol and promote better heart health, people should be more supportive of the granola diet then the American diet).

I did not go to a jazz club, but the library had a free seminar with a big name jazz vocalist named “NNina”. She was amazing! It  was a real treat to hear real jazz again. Now,  I can’t stop singing old standards like “come rain or come shine” or “a tisket a tasket”. I talked to her afterwards and she told me to be obedient to what God wants you to do and he will get you there.  It was powerful to me.  After path of being a jazz musician was altered to becoming an artist, I was inspired by her, and was confirmed once again God called me to be an artist and I don’t care about what anyone else says. I love God, I love jazz, art and nature,  The trees are blooming in the city and my artsyspirit is coming back to life with the season.


Elder Scott


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