Påsk in Sweden

IMG_3145This week was nothing short of super stressful, but it ended in conference and the wonderful news that I have a new niece, Alice. I can’t wait to hold her…when she will be much bigger than she is now in two years.

Osaro will most likely have to go to Germany soon for EU law states that refugees have to seek asylum in the EU country they first landed in, and he had a connecting flight in Germany with a few hours in between flying here. We hope he can make an appeal to stay here but Sweden does have to abide by EU laws and fortunately the church is very strong in Germany and there healthcare system is just as excellent as Sweden for taking care of his epilepsy. Regardless, we will miss him and Karlstad will lose a very strong, valuable member of the branch. In the meantime he will be staying with Mehdi, a member from Iran.

The majority of this week was hectic, and may or may not have added a few gray hairs to my head, but all is well…. God is ouIMG_3147r loving heavenly father and he always gives rays of sunlight after you are tested. One of those rays of sunlight is in the form of Charles, our investigator from Congo with a baptism date. He loved conference, absorbs the gospel like a sponge and very much independently stands on his own two feet with his testimony and seeks to strengthen it himself.
Our other baptismal date, Emanuel, the Swede, is doing well also…he is still very focused on moving to the USA, and is now looking very much into moving to Utah after joining the church…. I wish Swedes could stay here and build up the kingdom in Sweden. Many members have moved to the USA. Our little flock needs to grow.
Pask Celebration

This weekend was Påsk (Easter) I say weekend because Easter is a four day celebration here…..and very different from back home. On Saturday, all of the children dress up as cute little witches and celebrate the last witch burning in Sweden and go around to doors to collect candy….yeah, swedes have two trick or treats a year. Everyone dresses up and sings folk songs and have delicious Swedish pastries and it is a good day food wise to be a missionary.

Then came General conference which I’m sure all will agree who saw it, was amazing. I particularly loved Elder Ballard’s talk in Priesthood session. All should watch it. Conference as a missionary is pretty interesting, jumping from the Swedish room, to the English room to the french room to be with all of your investigators for at least some portion of it. Now that I am spiritually energized, I must go and get physically energized by getting some good sleep because I have not had very much quality sleep lately. Hope everyone’s Påsk was fantastic. I know that Jesus Christ arose from the tomb and was truly resurrected so that we, through his atonement can be likewise perfected.
and a Happy 21st Birthday to my brother in Iowa!!!!
Now for some beautiful photos for the week:
Outside of Lysvik



Lidins Farm

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