Killing Week and Birthday Boy

The birthday boy turns 21 this week!

Not a lot was accomplished this week but we were busy.

Tuesday my companion did a death march( aka departing temple trip for missionaries going home) so I was deported to go on exchange for the day in my old area in Iowa City. It was good to see old friends. It was also hard to see some people change. I am not a big fan of going back to old areas but I like seeing the cool people I met. It required a lot of patience working with the elder responsible. It made me happy to go back to Rock Island.  I may not be serving in Rock Island anymore but I still live in Rock Island, with the boundary changes. I will know for sure by Thursday at transfer meeting. I will kind of be opening up the area for them, so all is well.

Elder Powell is going home this week, but first we have to teach a few more people today and tomorrow and then we are making a bomb out of his suit, so he is literally going out with a bang. It has been fun with Elder Powell, to say the least. Remember how we got that bow staff and sword last week? Well, we choreographed a fight scene and we staged it with the other missionaries present to make them think we were not getting along and we were going at each other to the death with swords. There came a point when our acting wasn’t convincing enough and it was just good jolly old fun. I may need to hit him for real with the bow staff if he keeps tempting me with all the swimming he is going to do and all the girls he is going to hug next week. For those of you unfamiliar with LDS missionary life, when a missionary goes home, his companion “kills” him, because he is dead from missionary life. So, I am going to have fun killing my companion this week.

With love,

Elder Scott


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