Erik is back!

IMG_4547[1]Note from his mom: Erik was too heavy-hearted to write a letter last week, as many immigrants he knew were deported and others received sad news of loved ones killed in Syria or other sad issues…

IMG_4556[1]Now, this week’s letter:

So, it was transfers this week and Elder Dahle and I are staying together for at least 6 more weeks. The work here is in hyperdrive. We have two investigators with baptismal dates. Charles is our brodah from Congo who has the testimony of a rock. His languages are Swahili, then French, then Spanish, then Portuguese , then English, then Swedish, specifically in that order. Despite English and Swedish not being his first languages, he understands very well. We contacted in the street, thinking he waGetAttachment.aspx-3s one of our Nigerian investigators, Dede, for they own the same coat. He immediately acted like we’ve been best friends for years. He loves the gospel, the church service and even takes notes during lessons.

Our second baptismal date is for Armando, a Swedish 35 year old man we contacted. He really wants to move to America. There is this sort of glamorous vision of America as this dream land of fast cars, endless sunshine, everyone is successful and celebrities are walking around everywhere. Americans here find it hilarious but then again we Americans have a glamorous vision of Paris like Target paints it as…which the French probably laugh at. He has had a serious headache for the last 22 months that he can’t diagnose but says subsides amazingly when he is with us or at our church.IMG_4553[1]

We have many more investigators that will hopefully be baptized soon for they are very prepared. We’ve picked up quite a few new progressing investigators in the last few weeks. We have not had much time to kill lately so I can’t include any cool adventures in the letter because it is mainly going from lesson to lesson. This weekend is Påsk (Easter) and General Conference so it will be fest to remember!!!!

Osaro is now passing the sacrament and we are preparing him to be the new branch mission president. We do role plays with him, having him teach me the lessons. He has no shortage of dedication.

I’ll be hitting three months in Sweden on Wednesday and I already cannot imagine having to live in America again. I love America, especially the Northwest, but every day it becomes more and more possible, and in turn more and more needed for me to live in Europe. It really isn’t very hard to do. Living in the UK and then an annual trip to Scandinavia….but we will see….. In the mean time I’ve got to focus on Karlstad. This branch can be a ward with enough work.




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