Changes in Rock Island

A photo posted of Ian this week on the mission Facebook page.

We have been finding a lot of good families and Africans to teach lately but our area just got changed due to a major ward boundary change in the  quad city in other to  to balance out all the faithful and well to do Utah Mormons in Bettendorf with the impoverished and overburdened  Rock Island ward. Because of this,  we lost all our investigators( so sad),. Who knows where I will be since it was such a dramatic change.  We may be white washed, but who knows. I will know by next Monday if I’m transferred.

We moved someone else  this week and were left with a punching bag, two 50 lb dumbbells, a ninja sword, a medieval shield, a bow staff, and a Darth Vader mask . People think the missionaries are doing service but in reality we get a fair payment in random toys people give to us that they don’t want. (Haha)

I  have been going two weeks with out spending a money on food, since I don’t have money to spend or members that feed us. We have become very creative in our desperation and discovered how to make a lot of different things with oats including: granola, fried oats, oat cakes,oat flour,etc. This famine has been a blessing because I have learned and loved so much of the versatility of oats, plus it is good  for your cholesterol levels. The Lord never lets his servants go hungry. This week was like the miracle of Elijah and the widow, but  it was with oats and maple syrup rather then oil and meal.

My companion goes home next week, so it has been fun there has been a range of emotions, but under the circumstances of our area getting changed. We are still working as hard as we can. Sometimes it is crawling but we are trying and that’s what matters.

Elder Scott

p.s.- It’s my birthday this week: if ye love me, fill my mailbox.

His email:

Elder Ian Scott’s current address:
2902 38th apt.L
Rock Island, Illinois, 61201


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