Ian’s week and the haircut…


I started off working on a farm this week. It was good to get outside and help a guy, missionaries have been trying to baptize for years around the farm. He is a cool guy and has inspired me to want to have a farm, just big enough that I don’t have to go to the store to get food. I also think green tractors are one of the coolest things since sliced bread. Speaking of bread, I burnt my toast so bad this morning. It was a piece of black chaff, so that as fun.IMG_0242-2

I got a hipster cut with a hard part. It was the talk of the town but I mostly got it so I could be ” on fleaque” like my brother in Sweden.

We had zone conference last week and it added some emotion with my companion giving his final testimony and my good friend and inspiration, Elder Cleverly gave his last testimony. Missions don’t last forever, but since my companion already said he was done, I can’t imagine we are going to do too much this week. Also, considering they are re-doing the ward boundaries next week and our area is going to change dramatically but we don’t know how. So, we are just spending time with the members we like and the investigators we like before we might lose every thing.

A couple we are teaching, took us on a tour of the Rock Island arsenal( what I talked about last week). I got a lot of my facts straightened out in the museum which was pretty amazing. They had guns from ancient China all the way though the Revolution to big bad guns thatthey use today.  The old vet who took us knew everything there was to know about the big artillery and the tanks .It was very educational. After that, we went to a German restaurant(since this family is German) and had some spotted veal, and weiner schnitzel. I was reminded that food tasted good! It was also fun helping the waitress with her chalk drawing of the menu. The staff got a kick out of it and the German pop music made me want to get out my lederhosen. It made me want to go to Germany real bad and listen to some sick German elect beats.

We also taught a lesson with with a guy over an old school 70’s impala he was restoring. It made a great object lesson for the restoration of Christ gospel. I like how the mission exposes you to all kinds of new things,but i am still my self. I just am a little bit more hip, a little more into farms and tractors, and little more into German pop, and a little bit more of a man, or maybe a little less.

Love you all, read the Book of Mormon. It would make a great HBO mini series. You will see what I mean in Alma 45-62, if you just read it like an epic movie its fun, because if you not having fun, you aren’t doing it right. and that applies to anything.


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