Elder Ian Scott’s Week

Notes from Ian this week…


My area: I don’t know much of the history of Rock Island but people have been here long before the revolutionary war.  It was Black Hawk village back in the day before it became the grungy town it is today. You might know about the black hawk wars and all that jazz. He was a warrior who allied with the British to fight against colonists and there was many years of opposition till the white men gave them the boot.

The town quickly grew into a city with the good position it holds on a peninsula between the Rock river and the mighty Mississippi. With the invention of the stainless steel plow by a man named, John Deer, Moline the neighbor city became the head quarters for this would wide revolution of big green tractors. As a result, many rival tractor manufactures settled in Rock Island to keep tabs on John Deer. The rapid amount of jobs back in the golden years brought in a large amount of Utah Mormons in the 70’s and 80’s to where there were 3 wards in this area, which has declined to one old ward of characters that because of a deportation of jobs over seas and bankruptcy of many other tractor company’s like Case.

Today, the city is mostly run down due to the loss of manufacturing. It has attracted those seeking the thug life from the forbidden land up north called, Chicago. There are many good people here, a lot of church goers( as it is mostly in the Midwest) the missionaries have baptized many people here who are found in rough situations. As a result the ward, is worn out and tired of missionary work (despite a few individuals who we work to the bone, because they are still willing).

IMG_2927 my comp:
He is a very loving person, non judgmental, and he and he doesn’t care what people think of him, and speaks his mind. It doesn’t get him in trouble. It just makes people laugh.

This week we moved a disabled man out the most rancid apartment I have seen.  The the same two guys who do every thing showed up and we moved every thing that wasn’t infested into a better apartment. It felt good.

This one guy told us to go away and Mormons didn’t have souls, but my companion noticed he was playing magic( the card game, which is a favorite among missionaries around here, I’m not super into it but I can smash pretty good with an army of minotaurs) and instantly his heart was changed to hating us to being his best friends and he is standing up for us, and we are going to a tournament. #geekout=change of heart. people are frustrating, but they are still just too funny you have to love them.

We met with the old bomber and his wife, had a great lesson and she is now interested despite saying she didn’t believe it when we first met her. People change- it’s great. Picked up a couple more people this week,some African brothers and sisters and one is already a member so that makes it easy. We decided to do track-ting again because my companion will not have an opportunity to do it, and it is reward to serve God’s children and make the ward leaders mad by bringing people into the the church, but doing what the mission president said, all at the same time. It’s a rough place to be in , but after all is said and done, I am home in 3 months.

Elder Scott 2


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