Aldste Scott’s Week

sjo.jpgThis is a really hard week to remember the details; very busy, stressful and very little sleep so my mind is half functioning right now. Sorry. On Tuesday at the Lidin’s farm, their baby lambs are starting to be born so we got to cuddle with a few (which is in the top ten best past times that do not take too much planning to do in life) and I shaved a cow which takes almost an eternity….but it looked fabulous after and that is what counts. All the animals on the farm could not take their eyes off her luscious hair. She’ll probably be on the next Cow Vogue.lamby.jpg

On Wednesday was another fantastic day at the refugee camp in Glava. We have a new investigator their from Albania named Angela. She started quite closed off to us, unsure how a God could let there be suffering and evil in the world (which she knows first hand) but by the end of our first lesson she was very softened, comforted and open for another lesson this Wednesday. The rest of the week was running from one lesson to another, which is very good that we have lessons, in fact it is the best thing for us, but we could really do with some extra hands. It is hard to get two members of the branch to come out at the same time so we can divide, and we are too far from other missionaries to do workovers so we just had to do the best we could as two missionaries. We have a great many people interested.

The Swedish people I love to death but we are yet to teach a Swede who will come to church. Most of them are interested in our religion from a sightseers view, wanting to be fully knowledgeable about our church but not really looking to make a change. So the people that are disappointed that we are only bringing immigrants to church need to understand that we are teaching plenty of Swedes, they just aren’t  coming to church. (at least they will always be honest with us so they never break any commitment)

osaro.jpg-2This Sunday we gave Osaro the Holy Ghost and confirmed him a member. He is a very excited to serve in the church. By the end of the week, we had taught 11 new members/less-actives and had 12 other lessons. Now I’m kind of physically dead and want to just take a day to revive myself but today we already had 3 lessons and have two more planned for tonight. The work is going strong in Karlstad, I am just praying earnestly that I can keep up with it. 🙂

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