Ian’s week in Rock Island

This is from last week’s baptism of Joel. Remember, the forgot their baptism clothes and had o wear these white jump suits…

Thanks for figuring out my student housing.  I feel really bad I can’t be independent and you guys have to pay for literally everything. The best I can do is try to make you proud, but not unto boasting. This week was slow. I was tired from all the work and stress from the baptism( kind of like how you are going to be after this play) and Elder Powell is going home in four weeks so not as motivated.

So, they decided to do a disco pose…


I went to a music store today and tried playing a trumpet. I forgot how to play, it was sad… but I hit a high c but it hurt my lungs since I have a dislocated rib, that I need a chiropractor to put back soon. We also went to a free seminar on Irish whistle and flute music, because I have started getting into the Irish whistle and my companion did his fair share of Irish dance, so we where both edified by a man who played some ancient tunes on old whistles There is a simplicity masked by the complexity of the jig, but the flutes and whistles sounded good alone with out a a backup and I think I have discovered that I am a flutist deep down. Just some random tells..

So, last week,  we still did a little bit of work, saw a lot of ward members and a guy named Jim who is a crazy old artillery sargent and is also a great great grandson of father Brigham. He is not ready to join the church but is very curious because it is part of his roots. We where able to get the wife more involved this time.  I’m  going crack the whip and get back in shape this week.  I am  just so out of shape and my diet is so bad. The warm weather should help, and a mountain in the back of my mind,  that I need to be in shape to climb. I need to take responsibility! and honest inquiry is the first step. so there you have it,  my letter from the land of Lincoln.

I will try to get a cool card out by your birthday.  If  not, happy birthday my Mom that does everything.


Elder Scott 2

With a missionary friend at transfers,

His letter to his Grandpa Rog, that he wanted to add:

Honestly grandpa, I came on a mission out of obedience. Because I knew as the prophet said” every able bodied young man should go on a mission” so I qualified thus I should go,. It was never a question. The question of should I stay on a mission was more of the trick part and it has come with a great many trial and experiences that I could not have happened in any other situation. If I question that decision then I compare Elder Scott with Ian Scott. The most important thing I have found is that Ian needed running and mountains to mentally survive, while Elder Scott needs only faith in Jesus Christ for his mental support. Though I have lost some things and gained others, that single thing is of the most worth to me. The answer to why a went on a mission is good but the answer to why I have stayed is much better.


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