Erik’s First Baptism!

Erik’s first baptism! Here he is with Osaro.

I did my first baptism this week! Shall I first shall go in chronological order? This week began in Stockholm. We went to mission conference in Stockholm to hear what will be the new mission president for the Scotland/Ireland mission in July speak. I love my mission and I love President Beckstrand and Sister Beckstrand and I would not want anyone else to be my President but all I will say is, boy, you Scotland/Ireland missionaries are very very lucky. Not only are you in Scotland, which is the greatest place on earth but President Donaldson will be an amazing mission president. He and his wife are from Liverpool and are just the coolest thing out of Liverpool since the fab four. They actually were Liverpool teenagers during the height of the Beatlemania. They spoke about the importance of the Holy Ghost in our work. I loved it.

Afterwards, we took a hop and skip around Stockholm.  Excluding the British isles, it is the most beautiful city I have walked in. In Gamla Stan, the old part of the city, it is countless narrow cobblestone streets with old brightly painted buildings selling hand carved Scandinavian art. It is a labyrinth I did not mind getting lost in. One of the most unique things I found in Stockholm was how quiet it is. I am certain it is louder in the summer but golly gee, Scandinavians are very peaceful people indeed.
At the train station, on his p day.
On Tuesday, we did the standard Lidin farm visit with the farm work, good food and new member lesson for Johanna. The rest of the week was a blur of busy missionary life. We were pleasantly booked with appointments which is the best way for it to be in Sweden that does not always happen, but this week it did. When I went to the refugee camp on Friday for Osaro’s baptism interview, I got to play soccer!!!! I am horrible compared to the Syrians and when Africans start playing I am pathetic. But against the Syrian 5 year old I’m okay. I met some more wonderful people there. A civil engineer from Syria who is having his first child in a few weeks, a Syrian kurdish 18 year old who just got citizenship and is hoping to attend Karlstad University, a Pakistanni 17 year old that has no living family and no possessions to call his own but a dream to become the next AVICII. All of them have stories. I wish I had time to write them all down. I would love to go into journalism but I love transferring reality into fiction too much… Don’t worry, I’m honest about everything in these letters.
Cleaning the font.
When we opened up the font on Saturday, we found that the spout had a leak. One small drop every 20 seconds. The font was about 5 inches deep in old water. It really showed how long it had been since it was used last. We had to do a deep clean to get the mildew off, but it was ready for the next day when Osaro was baptized! I was very nervous doing my first baptism but it turned out fantastic. Osaro cannot stop going on about how new and energized he feels now. Now we just have to get missionaries visiting his wife and children in Nigeria. We sent in a referral to Nigeria several weeks ago but she has not heard word from them 😦 I’ve talked to here several times on the phone and email her on P-days but really hoping the Nigerian missionaries step on it because Osaro has taught her and we’ve taught her and she is ready and Osaro wants to be married in the temple in a year’s time.
We also are helping a less active quit tabaccoo, beer and coffee all at once. This is very hard but very uplifting. At this point, his whole body is shaking and he can’t move very much, but he is very strong willed and I have faith that he will have power to get past his addictions and return to church. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ all things are possible.
border2.jpgToday after taking Osaro back to Arvika, we decided to get back on the train westbound and may or may not of walked into Norway…. We only went a few meters into Norway so don’t worry. We are not rebel missionaries….we just wanted Norwegian chocolate. I’ll hope to cross the border much further in two years time. Sweden is beautiful but Norway is jaw dropping. Of course you don’t see much change over the border but it felt like coming home.( as he has so many ancestors from there. ) Sappy but true.

At Norwegian border
Anyhow, my Mum is having her birthday this week so make sure to tell her how awesome she is! Also, my very good friend Lucas who is serving his mission in Portugal likewise is turning the big 1-9 on the same day. You can also send an email his way. and my Mum’s production of Charlie in the Chocolate is opening, so everyone should see that. I know it will be amazing. I am very happy I am on a mission and would not trade it for the world but it still hurts not being in a Black Swan play. I miss the plays dearly.
At the border, looking toward Norway
In Charlottenburg
Sweden/Norway border
At the Lidins Farm
Pday at the border

One thought on “Erik’s First Baptism!

  1. I just Love reading all about Sweden and Eric’ enthusiasm. The people there are so fortunate. I love the beauty and the photography. Wow!


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