Ian’s week and another baptism!

I witnessed a miracle this week.  Joel was baptized and the ward came together to help him. It is amazing to see someone who doesn’t believe in God anymore and has hit the end of their rope, then two months later is baptized and says this the happiest he has ever been! I don’t give a rats boot what you say, but you cannot deny this restored gospel makes people “happy,happy, happy!” I’m glad I came on a mission. Yes, you have read all my many complaints on life but I have overcome them and with the help of Christ every day we drop kick Satan in the face. No matter how hard the battle,  I am always happy.

My last companion got the boot so am I going to enjoy next transfer with my good old friend I knew in Iowa City, Elder Powell, from Riverside, California ( he has only been jumped once, which is less then the average in Riverside). As a southern Californian, he is very chill but is a crazy driver. He loves manga, Legos, action figures and was a Marshallese speaking missionary for a time. He is a passionate ballet dancer, loves sports, sleep and food.

Speaking of food; I have had nothing but pizza and hamburgers for the last week( embrace the culture of the mission and Erik- I want a semla!). Sorry mom….. correction I did have KFC one day. Yes, my health has gone out the window and I don’t even remember the last time I worked out but I am happy.

Anyways, Elder Powell is so fun, and was a great hep baptizing Joel since I could not dunk a one legged man alone. We did not have time to change since we arrived late as we had to help Joel get in the car and get the wheel chair, showing up 20 minutes late to the baptism but we got it done and it was amazing! I forgot my camera today so you will have to wait until next week to see it. The ward has softened their hearts and many are reaching out and helping Joel with out being told to. It is great encouragement to keep doing the work. Rock Island is growing on me.


Elder Scott


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