A Brief Letter From Elder Ian Scott

So, transfers are this week  and my comp is a goner. We had a seventy come to  at stake conference, named, Elder Richards. He spoke a lot about the use of councils and how the leader’s job is not to provide answers but questions. It is the council’s job to provide their own diversity of opinions, and a unanimous agreement of councils signify the Lord’s will. People have many different opinions, but when all can find unity with out compulsion, it is only by the spirit of God.The pattern does not just apply to church government but family and relationships.. Such mutual respect and understanding doesn’t exist in a worldly government but can only exists were there is faith and and charity and the spirit of God. it is good to have differences and diversity and it is good to be unified, and it is diversity that can in the right spirit create true unity. He said much more but that’s just what I remember well.

This week we watched “Ephraim’ s Rescue” with a part member family. It is amazing what a good movie can do to help change hostile attitudes toward the Church. It’s a wonderful movie  and you should all see it. My goal in life is to have a beard and be manly, folksy and spiritual like Ephraim Hanks.

Disappointedly,  Joel, our investigator (who is getting baptized this week)was on fire with the gospel and was so sad he couldn’t come to stake conference for health reasons.  Then, two hours later, he drops us out of the blue.  Please pray for him so he can see though the mist of darkness talked about in 1 Nephi 8. Every thing will work out. I do not fear. though there is a storm around me, there is inner peace on the inside.

Hold to the rod and stay faithful my friends.

Elder Scott II


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