What a Great Week for Elder Ian Scott

Ian with the McCormicks after their temple sealing.

This week was pretty great.

Started out on exchanges with a referral to drop off a Book of Mormon for someone who worked at the front desk of a Lutheran College and the lady working started laughing saying, ” you really have the nerve to come in here. You know where you are right,” and then she went into a fit of laughter worthy of note. After wards, we track-ted into our investigator who didn’t give us their address, followed by finding Brigham Young’s great great great grandson, who apparently snuck into the Salt Lake temple, even though he is not a member yet. He was a funny guy we pickup up this week. His wife had read the Book of Mormon and said she didn’t believe it and she was too involved in the Methodist church board, Jim said he was too radical for the board and he would like to believe the book is true but he has to be 100%( that what we love to hear).

We have Joel, who is getting ready for baptism. He is coming to church and walking more. Like I said last week, it’s amazing what this can do to someone who has faith in it. We were teaching a
big family of Africans but only the oldest son was interested. He is a cool kid. I am not teaching a whole tribe like my brother in Sweden, but I love the African people.

Then to top it off, if you remember the McCormicks, who I taught at the start of the mission..They went though the temple and were sealed for time and all eternity!  It was the happiest thing I have witnessed, and I am definitely putting temple marriage as my goal. It was the first temple marriage I witnessed, so I know what I want.

With four months to go, I am more focused then I have ever been because I have much yet to accomplish. Then, I  can find my self an outdoorsy wife. It was a amazing being in the Nauvoo temple surrounded by missionary friends and people I know and love from multiple wards on my mission. It was a big temple day so I knew everyone that was in there, and all y’all who don’t know much about LDS temples, they are pretty much a symbol of heaven on Earth(
https://www.lds.org/church/temples?lang=eng) so it is a pretty sacred
place and you can read more on them here.

Ian, in the back with the hat on in the back with the McCormicks, missionaries and other church members at the Nauvoo Temple.

It was a metaphor to what heaven is going to be like. So many people I love are  going to be there and it’s going to be so happy, because the other day was the happiest I have ever been. Yes, even more happy then skiing in 2 feet of fresh powder. It’s going to be a party and I want to invite you to my party, so you better be there!

Parts of my mission have been tough but “after much tribulation cometh the blessings”. This is so true. I  am very blessed and sometimes in life it feels like  going though trials. Just keep the faith, endure to the end, it’s all worth it.


Elder Scott the 2nd


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