Elder Ian Scott’s Week in Iowa

Ian sent this painting he did to my grand daughter, Elanor this week. He told her, it’s his dream tree house.

So this week we found a bunch of Africans who were interested in learning more.  Congolese are always fun to teach as they are good people but they have their disputes in doctrine and that is never edifying. We have been teaching a nice Liberian who is humble. I love Africa.

One man we’ve been teaching is Joel. It’s been cool to see the gospel change his life. He came to church this week and is progressing. Two months ago, he said he had lost his faith with all the things that has happened to him,  but now he says he has never been more happy in his life. His situation has not changed but his faith and knowledge of the Savior has and that has carried him through. It’s amazing what the restored gospel can do on a soul. The ward was friendly toward Joel when he came and the plan is for him to be baptised at the end of the month.

I am actually starting to like this ward. It has problems, but there are some great people. One of the ward members who we have been teaching with is an old guy who was one of those hardcore missionaries from  the 50’s who served in the South. He tends to say it how it is. He dodged bullets and battled religious bigots. He has a story for everything back in his mission days. He is such an inspiring man of faith and you can feel it. It’s the same work today but we need more of the faith like this man. We need it more than ever before.

I was talking to a guy who didn’t understand religion. He said it is all on faith, you can never actually know. He said even if there are facts, there a millions of different ideas and it is confusing to know what is true or false. I told him the story of Joseph Smith and his response was that it takes faith to believe. I agreed, telling him faith is what it is all about. If there is no faith, there is no miracle, because you have no witness until after a trial of your faith. It’s what it all comes down to. I have seen and felt things of the spiritual nature but if I did not have faith, it would be meaningless to me or anyone else. I have learned that faith doesn’t just happen. It grows at the pace  we desire it to. I have seen with my buddy, Joel. that faith can do anything. so that is my soap box sermon for the day.

IMG_0152Love your faces and Happy Valentine’s Day, “life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get”

Elder Scott the 2nd


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