Ian in Illinois and a Baptism

Ian and his companion with Peter Red Crow.

So this week was concluded by some dump-age of snow that cancelled church a second week in a row, so now we have a rats-boot of missionary work to go because the whole ward is less active!( ha ha) My companion did not want to go outside yesterday since we were grounded because of the snow, so I took an hour long nap outside our window as I burrowed in a good 3 foot snow drift.  I did have a good ski dream as I slept in the snow,  but don’t worry I am not “trunky” yet. Instead, I’m  at that stage where I am pretty dedicated to the work; I have less then five months and am thinking “holy cow, there is work to do!”.

We were able to have a baptismal service for Peter Red Crow, an extremely prepared guy we have been working with, and another lady the other elders in the ward were teaching. It was a great day, and it felt good getting wet. The only down side was I forgot a change of clothes so it was a very wet and cold night after the baptism!

Companion relations have been on the up. All this time shut indoors by the snow has given a better understanding of it it not being wise to have one way of doing things to be esteemed as better then the other or trying by force or compulsion. Rather a coexistence of understanding which leads to resolution to a common opinion and goal, is the better way.  It does not take a PHD in Psychology  to make resolutions. It involves a spirit of understanding and love and change through the grace of Jesus Christ, and that doesn’t include a theology degree to understand, but an open heart.

Have a good week, and all y’all out west can steal the snow in the Midwest so you can have good skiing. Because snow is like faith, faith with out works is dead( James 2;17) . Even so, snow with out mountains is henceforth good for nothing if it is not to be shredded under the skis of men.

Love ya faces-

Elder Scott the second


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