A Busy Week For Erik

tors.jpg     It was a very good week. It was the sort of week I don’t really expect to get many more times on my mission. We had twenty lessons, five new investigators, another baptism date (for Jonas) and some very special experiences that I feel blessed to be there for. It wasn’t that we did anything particularly Ammon level as far as missionary work. Things just sort of fell in front of us….all we did was be there. Sunday night in particular,  we had a member present lesson and then visited a less active and were exhausted and soaking wet (it snowed buckets here) so we stopped by the apartment to change our socks and shoes at about 7:30.  We had a fairly productive day and felt a very strong temptation to just throw the towel in early and stay in the warm apartment safe from the of the snowstorm outside.IMG_2918[1] It was so tempting…..but we forced our way out the door and only a few minutes into knocking doors, we knocked on the door of this one lady who recently lost her mother and had been thinking about religion but did not want go looking for a church for she felt the right church would find her….and we knocked on her door! We gave the entire first and part of the second lesson at the doorstep and she is going to read and pray about Mormons Bok!  If we had given into quitting early, we would’ve never met her. The lesson I learned was that often the times that it is hardest to do missionary work, is often when it is most important to do it. We also had three positives that wanted us to return and another lady who is friends with a member who wants to come to family home evening….all on the evening we did not want to go out.

      The rest of the week, in brief summary, was busy in the best of ways. We had three days of pretty much nonstop travelling. On Wednesday, we traveled six plus hours total to visit Jonas. He is amazing. He calls us every night to ask questions and discuss things. A few days ago,  he apologized for only reading four pages in the Book of Mormon that night. Most days, he reads several chapters. I love him. He is just amazing.

Mohammed is one of our strongest investigators as well.  He is from Syria and moved here 11 months ago but just this week was finally able to pick up his wife and children from Syria. All of his kids are very shell shocked from all the horrible things they have seen and they currently only have a one room apartment for 6 people plus he is taking 8 hours of Swedish class a day so he is a bit busy but still mamages to meet with us….He is so amazing.


On Thursday, we had to travel to the suburbs of Stockholm for Zone training which meant getting up at 5:30 and getting home at 10:30.  On Friday, we traveled two hours to the Lidins to give Johanna new member lessons. We butchered sheep….which was not my cuppa tea but a good thing for me to know how to do if I’ve got to go Jeremiah Johnson some day….but like Captain Moroni I do not delight in the shedding of blood….at all. I couldn’t look when it happened, but now I am able to skin a sheep all by myself…..not that I want to unless I have to…but really good sheep korv on Sunday.IMG_2914[1]

We have quite a few new investigators but I don’t have time to expound upon each of them. I have to go but I love you all and I’ll explain more of what happened last week in next week’s letter as I have to go to district meeting.

Äldste Scott

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