Elder Ian Scott update- January 26th.

When I asked him for photos, this is what he sent last week… Showing of a new haircut, Ian-style, I guess. 🙂

 A great letter from my always honest and heartfelt boy…

Thank you to all the people who sent random mail and packages. I could not have survived with out the extra support.  Thanks to Jessica-my sister, my mom, and Luke who sent some Star Wars socks and hipster shirt that gave me a great surprise.

Well, something interesting happened on Saturday.  We went to see 11 and 13 year old brothers who had joined the church but had gone less active because their family shows no support. The 11 year old was really nice but the 13 year old was a difficult child!  He gave me a hug when he first met me so he could steal all my stuff including my wallet and car keys,  which took much effort to get them back. It may have involved me using a sword pressed against his at his neck and a cousin holding down his hands to get my stuff back, but why would I do a thing like that? In order to focus their energy, we played football outside and I slipped and fell in the mud and got real messy. At least the kids have respect for us now but it came at a high price.

Then, there is this crazy guy who’s doctrine is out there! We helped him move a couch from his store to a customer. It was well worth it because we got to see his miscellaneous and furniture store. Words cannot describe the clutter and randomness of this place. I will attempt to get pictures. Just as a sample, in the window display, it has a giant stuffed tiger on a couch with ridiculous lamps that would make the Christmas Story lamp jealous and stuffed animals everywhere and a life sized Yoda statue. One cannot take it all in at once. To say the least, the place is a mission legend.

This next week, Peter Red-Crow, my blind Indian friend who is such a great example, is going to be baptized. It’s a long story  how he got to this point, but he says he wants to be  baptized in the frozen Mississippi( like all natives). The ward is not to keen on that , so he will be baptized at the church.

Companionship relations are getting better. My dad shared a very good story today with me that might change my mission or my life(you can read it later). I will be honest, sometimes  I have been suffering because I have just been thinking about what I want to do, but have been whipping my self to help others because of duty. That’s not a good place for the heart to  be, or to beat yourself to be good, it won’t last long and it won’t be real. Pray for grace, trust in Christ and believe in Christ. Do what Christ says, not by force but by willingness and love for Jesus Christ. It helps to love him when you know him more by reading about Christ in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. I am saying this to remind my self of things that have helped me before, and I know  they will continue to help myself, and every one else in the world that is trying to be good but is struggling to actually do so.

Well, that’s life in Illinois. I look forward to the John Deer factory tour today! Thanks for reading.

With the love of a hibernating sun bear,

Elder  Ian Scott


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