Cold, snowy and windy in Rock Island

A recent new photo of Rock Island's winter storm this past week.
A recent new photo of Rock Island’s winter storm this past week.

Here is Ian’s letter for January 12th. He promises photos next week!

It was a slower week as we started off being grounded, which means we couldn’t go outside by issue of mission president because it’s too cold. But, we did not get the text,  (at -30 windchill)  so we went out and shovelled for old people. When we got back and my comp discovered the text, he was not happy but the Norwegian blood flows warm and I did not mind.

There’s been lots of fresh snow to beautify the dull urban landscape. I still find value in the way it reflects light and captures cool shades of purple on distant deciduous hills across the Mississippi. It mostly slows down travel, but we made it though the week all right.

As far as missionary work goes, we have an investigator progressing well and being helped by her friend that invited her in the church. She has the last name of Reed so we may be related ( Reed being my mothers maiden name).  Already, it does not seem strange calling her “ Sister Reed”.  The other investigator we have who is solid, is progressing well but health prevents him from coming to church. These people were invited by their friends and as a result they have progressed much more.  Members who engage in the work with a desire to do it, will have amazing things happen if they ask the Lord’s help, because they want to bless the lives of those they care about.  This is the way the Lord would like this work to go, natural unforced, and done out of love. I like it when things go the way God plans: naturally and simply without contortion.

I like the ward members here but there is a division between us and the other missionaries. We were told by ward members that we were  “the laid back elders that were nice and polite”.  My companion took part of that as an offense,  but I rather enjoyed being labeled as laid back in opposition to how high strung I have been in the past.  Anyways, the other elders were labeled the “guns blazing, cowboy, “hell fire and brimstone” kind of preachers. They are very hard core, and do a lot of good work and baptize like john but they have not made ward members happy. It’s in a difficult situation we are all in. There is a division in the ward and only true charity from all parties that can rebuild the bridges. To say the least, I kind of feel bad standing idly by as an observer of this situation. I pray to know our part in it.

Transfers are coming up  and we find out tonight. I  am here for good but my companion may leave. I  will miss him singing Broadway musicals as the alarm every morning( today i woke up to Newsies). Speaking of which, he even dresses like a newsie with the cap and all.  I will need to send pictures next week.


Elder Ian Scott the 2nd


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